Program Based Business Intelligence


Create the Ability to Communicate at the Program Level

Implementing Program Based Business Intelligence, or PBBi, gives your organization the opportunity to learn and communicate what you do, understand the true costs of the services you provide, clarifies why you are in business, and sets you up to be proactive regarding future business-intelligence. 

Priority Based Budgeting


Make Data Driven Decisions in Alignment with your Priorities

Priority Based Budgeting is a specific application of your PBBi data that drives the budget process. The additional scoring layer, Scoring Against Results, aligns programs with the priorities of your organization and community. Priority-based budgeting is a common sense, data-driven, strategic alternative to incremental budgeting.

Consulting Towards Outcomes


Identify Opportunities through the Lens Most Applicable to Your Needs

Identify the outcomes that best serve your organization and community. Through your partnership with ResourceX, a pathway to achieve those outcomes will be determined and facilitated by members of the ResourceX team. Each pathway will utilize your specific PBBi data and be customized towards your circumstances, goals and needs.