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2019 SESSION information

Wednesday, August 7

Main Event Space: All 2019 PBB Summit Attendees are invited to join us Wednesday at the Commons on Champa for an agenda designed to  encourage audience participation and interaction. The main event space will inspire you on how to use the PBB tools, apply the data , and engage their organization and community.  

Conference Rooms: Hover on the icon below to see the targeted audience, each session will be under 2 hrs, and have a hands-on component with take aways to apply in your organization. 

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All three rooms are located at the Commons on Champa

Additional registration required for the events below

Conference room a

08 am - New Department Users

10 am - Resource X-ploration

01 pm - Executive Sponsorship

02 pm - Plan a Successful Future


09 am - Check In and Coffee

10 am - Guiding Coalition

11 am - ResourceX Basics and Beyond

12 pm - Lunch Provided

01 pm - ResourceX Basics and Beyond

02 pm - How to Measure Budget Performance with Survey Data, Michelle Kobayashi, NRC/Polco

03 pm - Darin Atteberry, City of Fort Collins, CO

Conference ROOM B

08 am - New Super Users

10 am - Developing Metrics

01 pm - Making Programs Work 


When registering for the 2019 PBB Summit, we will ask if you plan to join us on Aug 7th for PBB 'Hands On' sessions at the Commons on Champa? Answer 'Yes', and we will send  the link to register for sessions.

Developing Performance Metrics

Presenter: John Mercer, Director for Government Performance, Knovos

Learn how to develop measures for your programs and see how these metrics can be displayed in PresentPBB

What to expect as a new Department User

Presenter: ResourceX Ops Team

Bring a laptop because you will build your first program inventory, allocate costs in the online tools and learn about prioritizing your programs

Leading the Way: Executive Sponsorship

Presenter: Eric Keck, VP of Client Success, ResourceX

Eric has implemented PBB twice as a City Manager, find out what it takes to ensure PBB success and discuss with your peers important considerations for any large change

Leading the Way: Resource X-ploration

Presenter: ResourceX Ops Team

Explore your PBB data in the Online Tools, learn how to find, filter and comment to take action on the data

What to Expect as a Super User

Presenter: ResourceX Ops Team

Come join us to learn about gathering your line item costs, the role of the super user, and identifying results as you prepare to implement PBB

More Sessions Coming

Presenter: check back soon!

Anyone heard of an RX PBB Capstone Project, check back soon to learn more!

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