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Let Data Lead the Way: 2022 Impact Report Presentation

The breakthrough of Priority Based Budgeting is the repeatable path to identify the link between programs and priorities. Since its first application in 2008, over 300 local governments have implemented the process – inventorying programs and services and rigorously evaluating the influence of those programs on priorities.

The data created and aggregated in the ResourceX tools provides incredible transparency into local government patterns and trends. No other company can offer the same depth of program data. The 2022 Impact Report highlights this data and provides invaluable insights into the application and benefits of program data.

Join ResourceX CEO & Co-Founder Chris Fabian for an exciting presentation of program and priority based budgeting covering the 2022 activities from our PBB community.
The full 2022 Impact Report will be available following the presentation.
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From Line Items to Greater Alignment

To best meet the needs of the 21st-century local government organizations, program and priority-based budgeting are becoming more sought-after approaches. In contrast to traditional budgeting models, priority-based budgets align resources and funding with community priorities and outcomes. This builds a data-rich budget organized in terms relevant to how residents experience local government services creating transparency and a better understanding of where funds are used and how they align with what is important to the community.

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The Essential Guide to Priority-Based Budgeting with border

The Essential Guide To Priority-Based Budgeting


Step 1

Identify programs to describe what you do.


Step 2

Know the true cost of each program.


Step 3

Prioritize services and demand accountability for results.


Step 4

Use the resulting data to support a transparent decision-making process.

Budget Towards the Results You Want

ResourceX is the leader in 21st-century budgeting. We do budgeting differently, helping local governments overcome obstacles to reach community goals. Find out what our unique PBB software solution can do for your community. 

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Think Programmatically, Act Locally


When local governments rely on traditional line-item budgeting, they miss efficiencies and cost savings that could be applied to high-value community programs. 

Many of these improvements are hiding in plain sight. However, visibility is limited without a way to link data to programs and outcomes. 

Download our e-book, Top Four Local Government Services That Need a Budgeting Overhaul, to learn how budgeting based on programs instead of departments, line items, and previous budgets:

  • Identifies and prioritizes real needs in the community.
  • Increases productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduces wasted funds.
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The Top 4 Local
Government Services
That Need a Budgeting Overhaul

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