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ICMA 21st Century Budgeting

OnlinePBB Budgeter

OnlinePBB Budgeter is the bridge between your PBB data and your budget process. Each request begins with a program instead of a line item. Therefore, the impact of the request is at the program level and tied to the organization's results. It allows departments to declare intent and add narrative; then, it provides the decision-makers the ability to observe the big picture.

With OnlinePBB Budgeter, you can create budget requests at the program level with built-in cost and program data to serve as a fully built decision package. Programs increase accessibility and communicability between organizational staff and elected officials tasked with understanding requests and making decisions. Each programmatic budget request includes the nature of the program change and the resulting impact(s) of that change. Additionally, the recommended budget impact is described and identified in the allocated budget details of the program. The program budget request comes with both financial and strategic alignment information.