Taking PBB to the Next Level - At Every Level! A ResourceX Webinar Featuring Andrew Kleine

In my experience, Andrew is one of the most innovative budget leaders in the country." - Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Manager of Research, GFOA

ResourceX is excited to announce a new webinar featuring Andrew Kleine! Andrew is a nationally recognized leader in budgeting for outcomes, long-term financial planning, lean business process improvement, and pension and health benefit reform.

Free registration for Taking PBB to the Next Level - At Every Level here!

The 4 Levels of Budget Mastery Video


You’ve probably heard us talk about the 4 Levels of PBB Mastery:

Level 1 – Rational Tool to Stabilize the Budget

Level 2 – Re-allocate Resources

Level 3 – Fuel Resources Towards Challenges of Tomorrow

Level 4 – Leverage ALL of Your Community’s Resources

Our new partner, Andrew Kleine, has ideas to help you supercharge PBB at each of the 4 Levels. Andrew was Baltimore’s budget director for ten years, where he made a name for himself as one of the most innovative public management leaders in the country.

Andrew will explain how you can build on PBB’s fiscal health monitoring by developing a long-term financial plan, strengthen your performance measurement to make better resource allocation decisions, invest in innovative solutions that save money and generate new revenue, use Pay for Success to fund social interventions that get results, and much more.

Join Andrew for a fast-paced hour that will get you excited about where you can go next with PBB. Register today!


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