Catch ResourceX at Virtual #TLG2020 Conference

ResourceX is excited to sponsor, exhibit, present and engage at the 2020 Alliance for Innovation Virtual Transforming Local Government (TLG) Conference. TLG 2020 will take place July 28 - 31, 2020.

Let's Virtually Connect!

We invite you to virtually connect with us during #TLG2020. We have two ways to do so. Attend our "TLG Follow Up Friday" webinar & engage with us on our virtual company page. More info on both opportunities below.

ResourceX Webinar Presentation - July 31st

On July 31st, at 3 PM Eastern, as part of "TLG Follow Up Friday" we will be presenting: Budget Solutions at the Intersection of COVID Response, Equity and Reimagining Police Services. Register!

At the intersection of COVID response, implementing equity metrics and reimagining police services, the next wave of budget decisions will be programmatic!

Local governments need data on every program they provide, to guide the best choices for service-level changes and savings options – and this data is needed as soon as possible, to plan for decisions you must make in the very near future.

Creating data-driven budget decisions requires programmatic data to drive totally new discussions about service delivery, where we can save and reallocate resources, and opportunities to still generate new revenue.

Local Governments need to have programmatic data to base decisions on – knowledge of every program offered, the cost of providing the program, level of service, cost recovery, equity impact, degree of mandate in providing the program, opportunity to partner, etc.

We need this data, to open up all options ahead for:

a.) programs that need more resources,

b.) programs that need to be provided as-is (status quo)

c.) programs that can be suspended (even if temporarily),

d.) programs flexible for level of service adjustments,

e.) internal program partnership and consolidation opportunities,

f.) programs ideal for external program partnership

g.) programs with revenue generation opportunities (cost recovery, grant reimbursement, regional offering for in-sourcing, etc)

Answers to these questions require program-level data, and insight creation, to provide budget solutions to achieve foundational results, outcomes, and thrive!

Please join us for this webinar. Registration is free! Find out more + register!

ResourceX Virtual Company Website - July 28 - 31

During #TLG2020, all connections and engagement will be virtual. However, we have designed a platform to provide you an incredible experience!

Our company page provides you:

  • Video Tutorials

  • Live, interactive chat

  • Case Studies

  • Education + guidance you can access and download

  • And more!

We look forward to engaging with you at TLG 2020. See you there (virtually) later this month!

For more information, contact us and see the links below:

Budget Solutions at the Intersection of COVID Response, Equity and Reimagining Police Services - Webinar Registration

How to Fund the Development + Application of Program Based Budget Decisions through the Cares Act

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Program Based Business Intelligence (PBBi)

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