ResourceX Welcomes Brad Steckart to Client Success Team

"To be able to have Brad on our team fully integrated as a trainer who will influence every one of our clients on a full time basis is the best way to inject some of the Washington County DNA directly into our mission, thereby allowing the entire PBB movement to benefit from the WashCo DNA." - Chris Fabian, ResourceX CEO

ResourceX is proud to announce that Brad Steckart is joining our Customer Success Team! Brad comes from PBB all-star community Washington County, WI, where he was the Budget Supervisor for the County. Brad has strong experience applying Priority Based Budgeting in the County, and participated in the inaugural 2018 ResourceX Leadership Initiative where he developed and applied a "Fiscal Endurance Exercise" for Washington County.

Brad will bring his strong fiscal leadership, along with proven history of creatively applying PBB, to ResourceX in an effort to further support clients to achieve success with their PBB and PBBi data initiatives.

Santina Reichow, ResourceX Customer Success Leader, states: "Welcome Brad Steckart who is joining ResourceX as our new Customer Success Trainer. His creativity in utilizing the tools for future economic disruption planning a year prior to COVID-19 happening, and then taking that experience and creating a way to track staff time spent on COVID-19 related activities, is vital in our efforts to continue to demonstrate to our clients, just how nimble our software is.

Brad will assist the Customer Success Team in the roll-out of the new training support systems. In addition, while supporting clients in various regions of North America, he will work with the Team to continue to bring exciting trainings to support our clients with taking action on their data."

A little more about Brad....

I started working for Washington County, WI as a freshwater biologist in 2014. Leadership at the County challenged me to grow which led me to attend graduate school, earning an MPA in 2018. That education opened doors that transferred me to the Finance Department and led to my experience as the Budget Supervisor for the county. My career began to focus on Program Based Business Intelligence (PBBi) where I met the super inspiring ResourceX financial tech team. They helped me realize the importance of emotional intelligence, teamwork, and letting ideas flow into innovation. ResourceX held a leadership course in 2018, where I was able to focus on creating a “Fiscal Endurance Exercise” – a plan for any oncoming future economic downturns. Using priority based budgeting (PBB) and the fiscal health tool, Washington County was able to develop a plan that would save about $1-3 million in any economic recession scenario. I presented this in Denver, CO at the ResourceX PBB Summit in 2019, where Washington County also received the “Distinguished Budget Award” for having already saved $11.5M over the course of the previous five years using PBB. Now, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be moving onto the ResourceX team as their newest member and can’t wait to contribute to improved communities and the citizens within them!

I am excited to join the ResourceX team with the objective to work with communities to implement the correct tools and processes to duplicate the success I saw in Washington County. There are so many benefits to using ResourceX tools to align mission, vision, and values directly to the programs supported by the budget. We see more than budgetary benefits. After implementing PBB, communities experience a noticeable shift in employee engagement, organizational support, and ability to handle change within the government setting. Seeing this change is an inspiring experience. Another reason that I am excited to join the team is to make meaningful change in communities faster than the traditional government setting. ResourceX tools allow an organization to pivot their programs by developing change agents within the organization to help steer it in the right direction. I look forward to contributing to these methods and efforts in communities and other public organizations.

Besides my nerdy love for government and budgeting, I deeply appreciate protecting water resources, and am involved with a nonprofit called Lake Country Clean Waters. I also volunteer on the Board of the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium. Fun fact: I can give the scientific name for almost every aquatic plant (or algae) in Wisconsin. My weekends are spent wrenching on or riding my Harley Davidson, going kayaking, camping, bicycling, or making music. I have a dog named Tanner who is pretty spoiled and comes with me just about everywhere. Additionally, I enjoy volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the United Way Emerging Leaders.

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