Five For the Future: A 5-Tiered Framework to Act on the American Rescue Plan Funds


The federal funding is an incredible opportunity to create a more sustainable future if invested strategically. The ResourceX framework tackles the question, How best to invest?

  • 6 Part Recorded Webinar Series
  • Case Study Packet featuring Cities of Alexandria, Virginia and Pueblo, Colorado
  • Five for the Future Alignment with Treasury Guidance

The 5-Tiers Inspire Action

The Five-Tiered Plan is Designed to Inspire Cities to Strategically Consider ARPA Opportunities


Generate great proposals for programs & projects that meet guidance & objectives.


Score, evaluate, and prioritize all of the various incoming proposals.


Incorporate the most aligned and impactful proposals into the budget.
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Utilize a Proven Toolset

Through the ResourceX OnlinePBB software, organizations can create proposals or upload an existing list of proposals. 

The ResourceX Five Tiered ARPA Strategy

Tier 1: People in Need 

Address, preserve and fill personnel needs with one-time funds without creating ongoing problems.

Tier 2: Emergency Budget Stabilization 

Responsibly replenish programs while supporting and revitalizing the community.

Tier 3: Prioritize Budget Amendments 

Identify, prioritize, and act on programs that are no longer serving or are underserving the community or that are needed and not currently funded.

Tier 4: Leverage Partners 

New funds and new opportunities increase our ability to explore how we offer programs through partnerships to increase the effectiveness of ARPA funds.

Tier 5: Big Swings 

COVID paused many important projects and ideas that we need to reengage with to prepare for the future.

"When there is an influx of additional resources, it can be a reflex to just re-fund services that your organization previously offered - but, in that environment, we're not innovating. ResourceX provides a thoughtful, engaging method of thinking beyond 'the way we've always done it.'"

ICMA Webinar Participant
BluePrint and Insights

The PBB BluePrint

provides a framework

for decision-makers

The PBB BluePrint is a framework for evaluating options and alternatives concerning resource allocation decisions and is fundamentally a means to solve a particular challenge. This ResourceX framework can be applied to tackle the question, How best to invest ARPA resources?

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"We are interested in finding someone to help us over the next year through a process of how we can do less with less in a sustainable way and ResourceX was my first thought."

Casey Toomay
Assistant City Manager |CityofLawrence, Kansas

Listen to the GovLove Podcast with Chris Fabian

Spending stimulus dollars responsibly. Chris Fabian, the CEO and Co-Founder of ResourceX, joined the podcast to talk about the funding for local governments within the recently passed federal stimulus package, the American Rescue Plan Act. He shared best practices for local governments to spend and allocate the stimulus funds along with how to distribute the money equitability. He also gave guidance on budget development for the coming year.

April 2, 2021, Hosted by Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL