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Aug 7

PBB Performance Metrics


Edited: Aug 9

Performance Metrics for Local Government led by John Mercer w/ Knovos. Knovos + ResourceX have partnered to provide PBB metrics!

JMercer Workshop - Part 1 pptx



Aug 8


Talking Metrics with John Mercer PBB Summit 2019


New Posts
  • Huge thanks to our Summit partners and sponsors. We appreciate our partnerships with other organizations that support local governments. The following are instrumental in making this PBB Summit a success and assisting so many organizations to achieve greatness. Thank you! National Research Center (NRC) - https://www.n-r-c.com/ Polco - https://info.polco.us/ ELGL - https://elgl.org/ Alliance for Innovation - https://www.transformgov.org/
  • "By understanding opportunities to leverage other service providers – in both the public and private sectors – PBB organizations are freeing up resources in their community to successfully fund a fantastic future!" Learn more here https://www.resourcex.net/single-post/2018/02/06/Leveraging-Partnerships-to-Fund-the-Future
  • Please click here to take a survey and tell us your thoughts on the 2019 ResourceX Summit! We are so grateful for your attendance and consistently strive to deliver the best experience possible - but we can only do that with your feedback! Thanks for sharing and we look forward to seeing you next year!