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Aug 8

ResourceX Founders Q & A Session


This is your opportunity to ask ResourceX founders Mike Seman and Chris Fabian anything (within reason)! Ask your question through "comments" below and they will be addressed during the Thursday afternoon session.

Are there any examples that exist of a municipality using PBB to help in prioritizing both operating and capital requests? Asking for a friend...

Awesome, thanks Eric. Another question that we are wondering about is does the onlinePBB tool allow for the ability to track in changes of program costs to better understand the savings over a period of time. We love how some municipalities are using the PBB blueprint to tell their story on how they were able to reallocate and find new revenue but are wondering about the logistics of this. Is this something we would have to track outside the system or not?

Short answer is yes. Here is an example and we will expand on this response this afternoon.


Talking about identifying and defining community results. Results meaning what is your community in business to achieve? Public Safety, Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship and Good Governace are typical examples of community results. These over-arching results are then further defined to represent your community's specific goals and metrics. Here is a link to the City of Kalamazoo PBB tab on their website with their result maps https://www.kalamazoocity.org/docman/priority-based-budgeting?format=html

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  • Huge thanks to our Summit partners and sponsors. We appreciate our partnerships with other organizations that support local governments. The following are instrumental in making this PBB Summit a success and assisting so many organizations to achieve greatness. Thank you! National Research Center (NRC) - https://www.n-r-c.com/ Polco - https://info.polco.us/ ELGL - https://elgl.org/ Alliance for Innovation - https://www.transformgov.org/
  • "By understanding opportunities to leverage other service providers – in both the public and private sectors – PBB organizations are freeing up resources in their community to successfully fund a fantastic future!" Learn more here https://www.resourcex.net/single-post/2018/02/06/Leveraging-Partnerships-to-Fund-the-Future
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