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Aug 13

Defining good governance: Why investors should look to data-driven cities

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An important new article outlining how data-driven decision-making (PBB) along with budgeting to priorities (PBB) can be highly influential to an organizations bond rating. We have already seen this in action with existing PBB communities.


"When cities improve the way they leverage data for decision-making, they deliver higher-quality services, maximize resources, and are more resilient in the face of challenges.


The willingness and ability of city leaders to use data effectively to drive better outcomes for residents must become part of how the investment community evaluates cities.


First, investors should consider whether cities align their budgets to priorities and hold themselves accountable for achieving results....."




S & P Global Ratings Affirms Scott County, Minnesota "AAA" Rating with Strong Support from Priority Based Budgeting!


"Strong revenue and expenditure assumptions incorporated into the annual budget, as the county uses a priority based budgeting model that is informed by historic trends and external data and requires the annual review and justification of expenses." S&P Global Ratings report on Scott County GO Bonds



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