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Jul 3

What is the hardest part about achieving the PBB Mindset? What is the best part about it?


Edited: Jul 3

In Marathon County, County Administrator Brad Karger discusses how he guided his organization to obtaining a PBB mindset (see here for more). We want to know what you think is the biggest barrier to achieving that mindset and what the best part is after you reach the first finish line!

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  • A closer look reveals why being labeled as a city with a "high cost of government" need not always be a negative label, but can actually be a source of pride.  This article highlights recent "Resource Optimizer" award winner South Jordan City. SJC was recently identified as a city with a "high cost of government" by the Utah Taxpayers Association. SJC was able to respond to this label and articulate exactly how, why and where they spend tax dollars. As South Jordan City Manager Gary Whatcott states, “Spending is not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’—it is what a community decides.” Full article here https://www.resourcex.net/single-post/2019/10/08/Why-High-Cost-of-Government-isnt-always-a-bad-thing
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  • Check out the attached one page document on applying program groups and then share your questions or how your organization is or will use program groups. Program Groups allow you to view a total cost for a service, while maintaining individual allocations and scores.