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Jul 30

Shawnee's Ground Breaking Revolution in Program Mapping through Open PBB Data


"Transparency of information is extremely important at the City of Shawnee. By making PBB data available to the public, we want Shawnee residents to gain a broader knowledge of the services their city provides - and the resources it takes to provide those services to meet their expectations."


The City of Shawnee, Kansas is leading a ground-breaking revolution in program mapping through open PBB data. This regional approach to understanding program commonality across a community (city, school district, hospitals, county, non-profit organizations and other private sector entities) is unleashing powerful and abundant partnership opportunities in an incredibly original way. https://www.resourcex.net/single-post/2018/09/04/Shawnees-Ground-Breaking-Revolution-in-Program-Mapping-through-Open-PBB-Data


Do you believe this Open PBB Data site will help citizens better understand city programs and services?


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