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Priority Based Budgeting

Priority Based Budgeting best practices, processes, and concepts

Sep 20

City of Duluth, MN Mayor Emily Larson's City budget proposal represents 'best of who we are.' "Priority-based budgeting helped us align our mission & vision with high-impact + high-value services, all
Aug 21

Specifically, PBB enables cities to create a balanced, stable and sustainable budget, to prioritize spending and reallocate resources from within, to launch new programs and envision an improved futur
Jul 10

Duluth, MN brought a PBB game to the people and they love it ! We want to know if you could replicate this in your community. Bonus question: is there any other way you would gamify the PBB process?
Sep 11

The City of Duluth has been a PBB partner city since 2017. Since then, they have been active proponents of PBB as a concept, citizen engagement and applying PBB data. Articles of interest include: Ma
Aug 19

"The first shift that needs to be made is to start to think about government expenditures as “community investments” — and that necessarily implies there should be a return on our public investments."
Apr 12, 2018

Tell us about how your organization is using PBB data, or ask questions of other communities.
Sep 6

In March 2019, the City of East Lansing partnered with ResourceX to implement a priority based budget. As a part of this new form of strategic budgeting, residents are invited to share their prioritie
Aug 14

Work plans are effective documents in order to identify "special projects" and tie them into community results. The City of Shawnee, KS Work Plan contains City-wide and Department special activities t