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Programmatic Budgeting is a foundational data set that unlocks insights pertaining to program efficiency, service levels, and cost recovery opportunities.

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Share PBB data with the public to increase transparency, accountability, customer service, and empower citizens.

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  • Compare multiyear budgets and single-year budgets for resource alignment

  • Easily identify and analyze opportunities for saving and improved service delivery

Add performance metrics to measure program success and compare against other municipalities.

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The PBB blueprint was specifically designed for organizations to apply PBB data. 

  • Visualize various budget scenarios to compare different initiatives

  • Ensure all funds are balanced and easily see expenditure and revenue flows


Program Workshops

Visualize and discuss the programs at work in your community from private, public, and nonprofit organizations to underscore potential partnership opportunities. See Events page.

Priority Based Budgeting Prep Course

Meet with the ResourceX team at an on-site or regional workshop to prepare your organization for PBB implementation. Explore Prep Course.

On-site Implementation Workshops

Complete all costing and scoring with on-site support from the ResourceX team to foster immediate impact for your PBB implementation

Prioritization Support

Receive continued support from ResourceX client managers after implementation to take action on the data from the software and positive impact your organization

“I’ve been preparing budgets for 20 years – never have I prepared a more exciting, forward-looking budget than what we are presenting to you tonight.”

—Jim Ritsema, City Manager, Kalamazoo

PBB 2020 Annual Summit

Engage with PBB all-stars from across North America. The premier event to learn the most innovative approaches to applying PBB data. More info here!

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