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Jamie Ludovic

Director of Community Development

Washington County, Wisconsin

The Director of Community Development is appointed by the county executive to lead various quality of life functions of the county including parks and trails, Washington County Golf Course, county conservation, land resources and permitting, and community outreach.


Through innovative ideas and entrepreneurial approaches, Jamie led the Washington County Parks Division to achieve financial independence and fiscal sustainability. In 2017, the County set a three-year goal to make the County Parks System independent of the property tax levy, and for the first time this year, the 2021 Budget reflects that parks maintenance and operations will be off the levy.   


Prior to joining Washington County in 2016, she served as the Budget & Special Projects Manager for Garner, North Carolina where she implemented the Town’s first PAFR and Fiscal Health Tool through the Center for Priority Based Budgeting.  She also has served as the Assistant Administrator in the Village of Montgomery, Illinois and completed a year-long ICMA fellowship with the Village of Howard, Wisconsin. Jamie received her MPA from Northern Illinois University.  During this time, she worked as the Management Intern in Downers Grove Illinois working primarily on the Village’s Long Range Financial Plan which received an award for Outstanding New Program to recognize innovative programs impacting the field of municipal management. She received her bachelor of arts in public administration from the UW La-Crosse. 


Jamie and her husband Adam reside in Richfield, WI and are expecting their 4th child in June to join Annabelle (6), Elizabeth (5) and Peter (3).


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