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Consulting Services

Facilitating Higher Performance


Our Offerings

4 Levels Compass

Consulting Services by PBB Mastery Compass Areas


PBB Implementation Support

For organizations that need extra implementation support

PBB Data Review and Validation
PBB Project Management
Custom BPA Development
Peer Review Session Facilitation

Taking Action on PBB Data

For organizations ready to use and apply PBB data

Blueprint Insight Assessment and Facilitation  
Achieving Audacious Goals Insight Facilitation
Fiscal Imbalance Insight Assessment and Facilitation  
ARPA Funding Packages Identification and Prioritization
Budgeting Ideation Facilitation  
Program Mapping Workshop Facilitation  

Culture and Communication

For organizations that seek to transform and align their culture and communication with their programmatic data

Organizational PBB Culture Shift Assessment  
PBB Presentations to Governing Officials
PBB Legislative Advisement

Leadership and Strategy

For organizations that desire to lead proactively and create a high performance organization

Strategic PBB Results Development  
PBB and Performance Integration Planning, Assessment, and Facilitation  
PBB and Your Policy Documents Integration Planning  
Leadership and Group Coaching
ERP Selection Guidance