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As The Leader in
21st Century Budgeting, 
We're Doing Budgeting Differently

Increasing local government's ability to
tackle massive societal challenges, from 
climate change and homelessness to equity
and sustainability, through program 
identification and resource reallocation.

The application and integration of Priority Based Budgeting provides the tools and methodology needed to understand the resources required to align those resources with the community's priorities.

What outcomes are you working towards?

Making an impact in your community

ResourceX has partnered with over 250 organizations across North America to provide the software solution and powerful analytic tools to implement a Priority Based Budget using data and evidence to transparently and exponentially improve results for residents and their communities.

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Backed by Industry Leaders

The most trusted and well-known industry leaders agree... Programs are the vehicle for change.

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Distinguished Budget
Presentation Award

In an update, effective in 2021, GFOA criteria now mandate the inclusion of program descriptions and program alignment to priorities. The importance of a narrative-rich budget for transparency and decision-making is now recognized in GFOA's prestigious award.

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Credentialed Managers
and Candidates

ICMA Credentialed Managers are viewed with distinction by local governing bodies due to high standards of integrity and professional development. In 2022, Priority Based Budgeting will be a part of that program ensuring these leaders bring the programmatic knowledge and approach to their communities.

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How can ResourceX bring your budget process into the 21st Century?

Priority Based Budgeting is a recognized best practice, and ResourceX elevates the technology and approaches to improving the local government budgeting experience while remaining steady in the knowledge that programs are the vehicle for change. Our web-based software, OnlinePBB, makes the process efficient, scalable, and accessible for your entire organization.

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A Suite of Tools Built for Local Government

At the core of each of our products is the Program.

Local government leaders are tasked with the responsibility of making crucial decisions that impact the citizens in the community, and they must also provide insight into how those decisions were made. The foundational unit of a Priority Based Budget, the Program, captures and communicates crucial data points in an easy-to-communicate format.

A program is a group of people working together to deliver a service.

Read more about the Power of the Program.

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Priority Based Budgeting

Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) equips local governments with a budget that represents the organization's values and empowers users to pursue meaningful change and outcomes that impact their community and society at large. PBB exists to provide the pathway to achieving an outcome by creating data and a shared language to communicate resource allocation and alignment to priorities. Learn more.

Program Insights

Insights offer organizations an opportunity to use PBB data and intuition with small changes that deliver a big impact. They offer an organization their best opportunity to work in a collaborative and proactive fashion to build a sustainable future. Insight workshops utilize the wisdom of the crowd and their expertise to design the future of their programs and services. Learn more.

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OnlinePBB Budgeter

OnlinePBB Budgeter is the bridge between your PBB data and your budget process. Each request begins with a program instead of a line item. Therefore, the impact of the request is at the program level and tied to the organization's results. It allows departments to declare intent and add narrative; then, it provides the decision-makers the ability to observe the big picture. Learn more.

The American Rescue Plan Act Tools

The federal funding is an incredible opportunity to create a more sustainable future if invested strategically. The ResourceX framework tackles the question, How best to invest? Whether you need to generate proposals or you are looking for a proven method to evaluate and prioritize proposals, the ResourceX concepts and tools offer a full-scale and transparent process for implementation. Learn more.

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"PBB has been an absolute game-changer for our city."

"Now anytime we have challenges that arise, we look at programs. We look at services. We look at alignment. And we look at what are going to do differently? How is that going to impact our citizens? How are we going to communicate that?"

Jen Carlson, Finance Director, City of Duluth
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Making an impact in your community

Local government leaders have unlimited potential for impacting their communities, but limited resources. They must make responsible budget decisions while trying to most positively impact their communities. Transitioning from line-item budgeting to program budgeting and Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) creates a clear path from resources to results.

ResourceX Wants to be a Part of Your Resource Solution

We believe in the purpose of government and its potential to lead the charge in tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges. You are the change-makers and
the program is your vehicle for change.

Budgeting for Equity

Advancing Equity Using PBB
Data and Evidence

Disparities exist in every community. Government leaders and staff are in the position to use data and evidence to determine what they are and how to reduce them. Applying an equity lens to PBB data, one of the most surprising realizations is that each and every program offered has an opportunity to be transformed, reimagined, and evolved to increase equity.

Budgeting for Climate

Repurposing Resources for a Sustainable Future

The City of Pittsburgh has a clear goal for pursuing climate action and needed a shared language among staff, elected officials and citizens to prioritize and communicate from where the resources would come. Through Priority Based Budgeting, the City identified 249 programs and 74 Insights with $41 million in resource repurposing opportunities.

Budgeting for Resilience

Crowd Sourcing Solutions to Achieve Innovation and Recovery

When looking for ways to solve the budget crises caused by COVID-19 tap the knowledge and expertise within your own organization. The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas included their staff to help identify Insights that could lead them in the direction of programmatic solutions in their budget. They identified $9 million... and counting!

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