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Celebrating 21st Century Budgeting with Our 2021 Annual Impact Report

ResourceX strives to make the world a better place. We work with communities and organizations of all sizes and backgrounds to create the data to enable and empower change. The ResourceX Annual Impact Report is a celebration of the Priority Based Budgeting community and an opportunity to share the invaluable programmatic data created by this community. Every member of our community contributes to our story and our mission.

The organizations already a part of the PBB movement are blazing the trail for communities pursuing the best practices for program budgeting as recommended by GFOA and ICMA. Each is a pioneer serving as a guide leading future local governments towards 21st Century Budgeting practices, with many communities specifically applying PBB data to advance equity and address climate impact.

Join Chris Fabian, Founder and CEO of ResourceX, for a presentation of case studies from 2021, stories of PBB Mastery, a celebration of program data, and an announcement of our plans to accelerate impact in 2022.

Fund Your Purpose

Priority Based Budgeting helps local governments make data-driven decisions to ensure efficient and effective resource allocation that is aligned with the priorities of their community.

PBB accentuates opportunities for resource reallocation and maximization to fund a better world. It equips practitioners with a budget that represents the organization's values and empowers users to pursue meaningful change and outcomes that impact their community and society at large.