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2022 ResourceX Impact Report

How governments effectively do more with less

Discover How Local Governments Use Priority-Based Budgeting to Drive Better Decision-Making

Every day, local governments must make and explain hard budgetary choices that impact their communities.

Traditional line-item budgeting that delivers “across-the-board” adjustments often unintentionally sabotages community priorities.

By contrast, priority-based budgeting (PBB) ensures that resources are directed where they’ll have the greatest impact on achieving community outcomes.

The PBB movement is blazing a trail for communities to pursue best practices for program budgeting as recommended by GFOA and ICMA.


Each year, the ResourceX Annual Impact Report celebrates the priority-based budgeting community. The report is an opportunity to share the invaluable programmatic data that PBB generates.

Key insights from the 2022 impact report insights reveal:

  • Four key questions to transform the government budgeting process
  • Two solutions every government must choose between to solve a lack of budget resources
  • The critical shortfalls of line-item budgeting that jeopardize community initiatives
  • Tons of diagrams, tables, and charts illustrating the power of PBB
  • Thirteen 2022 Mastery Award Winners—local governments blazing the path to budgetary excellence
  • Five powerful case studies that showcase how local governments are employing PBB to drive better community outcomes
  • And much more!

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Jen Carlson
Finance Director
City of Duluth, MN
“Priority-based budgeting lets us put our money where our mouth is, with being able to take council priorities and easily demonstrate how the budget and resources are being applied.”
Will Bernstein
Climate and Energy Manager
City of Pittsburgh, PA
“Changing budgeting procedures can feel like an enormous task. But in the end, the tools that were created actually streamlined work while simultaneously making budget decisions clearer for the mayor’s office.”
Shellie Dietrich
Financial Manager, Police
Salt Lake City, UT
“We had some hesitancy in moving toward program-based budgeting, but our entire department really found this process enlightening. It was really helpful in truly realizing what we had was important and looking at how it affected the entire city. It has been a great process, and we look forward to improving and the continued work.”
Gary L. Whatcott
City Manager
City of South Jordan, UT
“This process [priority-based budgeting] has transformed the way our city creates success within our community.”
James Wagner
Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer
City of Tulsa, OK
“The translation of a budget from a line-item budget to something that can actually be used to make rational decisions about the limited resources the city has is essential.”
John Vuyk
Budget Director
Salt Lake City, UT
“I know that as we are looking at the budget programmatically, we are able to tell the story so differently and help others see that story differently. Program-based budgeting has really helped us focus on our Equity definition and the key terms within that definition. ”