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Priority Based Budgeting


Program Inventory

What do you do?

Create an inclusive, programmatic language that communicates what you do as a person, a department, an organization, and a community. Each program is a piece of your story.

Cost Allocation

What does it cost?

Allocate costs to understand how your operating expenses and employee time support your programs. Tying line items to your programs creates a total program cost and enables communication of the resources needed to provide those services.

Evaluation and Alignment

Why do you do it? 

The alignment of programs with your community results provides insight into the prioritization of resources to those programs that provide the most positive impact.Results describe what your organization is in business to achieve.

Program Insights

How do you want to do it?

Every program has a future. The PBBi Blue Print allows you the opportunity to think about the future of your programs. Free up and re-allocate current resources and explore innovative approaches and new revenue generation opportunities.

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The programmatic data you create can be applied in many ways to accomplish the desired outcomes of your community.

Learn more about communities succeeding in each of these areas in the 2020 ResourceX Annual Report.

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