ResourceX was founded to grow the community of priority based budgeting by enabling organizations with the best possible tools and training. As the community grows, and more organizations adopt this best practice, all will benefit as resources are allocated to the greater good, and results are achieved.

ResourceX was recently ranked #13 on the 2019 ELGL Haverford Award "top companies and vendors working with local government!" Find out why ResourceX was nominated and what we deliver to our local government partners!

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Chris Fabian

Chris Fabian has over 10 years of consulting experience with local governments. As co-founder, he guides the mission of ResourceX to grow the community of priority based budgeting by ensuring the value is seen by all and by helping communities to achieve results.

Michael Seman

Mike Seman has over 10 years experience as an engineer and data scientist. As developer of the ResourceX software, he has brought his knowledge of data based applications to help evolve tools that make priority-based budgeting more accessible than ever before.

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