If there is one common bond among all of the challenges I'm most interested in solving, it's that we're going to need resources available to fund the solutions. If we could solve the resource equation, or greatly contribute to a solution, might we substantially improve government's chances of tackling the world's most pressing problems?

- Chris Fabian, CEO and Co-founder, ResourceX

Chris Fabian

Chris Fabian has over 10 years of consulting experience with local governments. As co-founder, he guides the mission of ResourceX to grow the community of priority based budgeting by ensuring the value is seen by all and by helping communities to achieve results.

Mike Seman

Mike Seman has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and data scientist. As a developer of the ResourceX software, he has brought his knowledge of data-based applications to help evolve tools that make priority-based budgeting more accessible than ever before.

Of course, there are other barriers, too, beyond resource availability. A stack of newfound money alone doesn’t fix homelessness – we get that. Bureaucracy and political divides can inhibit progress. Cultural challenges wrought by generations of rule-based, hierarchical command, and control management is tough to break free from. The pursuit of more higher-performing government would undoubtedly go a long way towards helping our institutions provide a better future. Our closest business partners are those who have built their companies to create a higher-performing local government. Resources alone won’t solve the problems, and at present, experiments within ResourceX itself include far more than a focus on the marshaling of resources, but...


Our piece in the puzzle is solving the resource equation. Our solution is to help government get the resources it needs and prioritize those resources to tackle society’s grand challenges and create a better future. Our secret is that there are far more opportunities for resources to be made available than most any leader believes. We can help our governments free up resources so they can be prioritized to fund a better world.