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Apply Data to Achieve Outcomes

Priority Based Budgeting data provides a complete picture of what you do, what it costs and why you do it. Still, to achieve a better future, each program needs to be evaluated through the lens of your desired outcomes to determine the future of every program.

Creating data and utilizing data are two distinct benefits of Priority Based Budgeting. The PBB BluePrint provides the framework for evaluating data, and the Insight tools and workshops provide the process for applying the data.

PBB BluePrint

The PBB BluePrint is a framework for evaluating options and alternatives concerning resource allocation decisions and is fundamentally a means to solve a particular challenge. The challenge is that most organizations have new programs and services they wish to launch to create a brighter future for their communities, but they don’t have the people or the money to launch these new services. At the same time, for many, the cost of providing current services continues to increase, putting additional strain on the resources available to achieve the Results that matter most to their citizens. 


By utilizing the PBB BluePrint organizations discover solutions to optimize their current resources and explore opportunities to attain new resources to successfully launch the new programs and bolster the highest priority programs required to create the best future they can through the PBB BluePrint. The PBB Insight tools capture these opportunities and are available at any data creation phase once programs are identified.


Empowering Action 

Doug Bach

"The idea behind Insights is we jump in, we figure out where we can prioritize what we want to put our emphasis on. It's all about your ideas. This is our opportunity for the future - for working for the future. I encourage your participation. Let’s make a difference."




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Insight Identification in OnlinePBB

Data is the Foundation for Insights and Action

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Every Program Has a Future


Use your PBB data to empower your organization to participate in the future of your community

Insights build on the expertise within your organization. Truly own your data and the action you take to best serve your community through Insight identification. Once programs are created, users can apply insights to those programs. Each additional data layer, the allocation of costs, evaluation of Basic Program Attributes and the alignment to results will make the Insight richer.

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Clearly Communicate Your Needs


Insights empower PBB users to take ownership of

their programs and communicate the future

trajectory of each program

Each Insight is associated with an action as outlined in the PBB BluePrint. Once a future is associated with the Insight, users can describe how they will accomplish it, the financial impact of that action, the complexity of their Insight, and the timeline for achieving their action.

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Easily Share Your Data


The program reporting function is an easy tool that provides a clear summary of the program and the associated Insight


Program Reports provide all of the program and insight detail to share with your audience. Whether that audience is in a Budget meeting or a presentation to Elected Officials, the aggregated data is there to support your request or recommendation.

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Solved their COVID-related budget shortfall

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Identified program insights to advance equity

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Freed up resources to fund their climate action plan

Insight Workshop in OnlinePBB


The facilitated Insights Workshop is a series of three facilitated webinars


You have the tools at your fingertips, and ResourceX will step in to facilitate the communication of purpose and the accomplishment of Insight identification. Our facilitators are there to foster an environment where participants can create the maximum number of insights in the time set by project leaders. Additionally, we hope to teach the organization how to replicate the process on its own.


You know your organization, your political climate and your citizens' needs better than anyone else.


What Could We Do - Insights



There are no bad ideas


All PBB users are encouraged to participate and share all of their ideas. These ideas can be limited to their department, cross-departmental or an idea for another department altogether. This phase gathers the opportunity, the action, the complexity and the timeline.



Identify what's possible and what's probable


This phase builds out those insights that meet the organization's standard of recommendation. The additional description revolves around Why this insight is recommended, What needs to happen for it to be successfully acted upon, Who is impacted by this insight, and What resources are required. This phase creates all the necessary data to communicate the opportunity to executive leadership and elected officials.

What Should We Do?



The approval to move forward


All recommended insights are reviewed in this phase to determine those that should be adopted into the action plan. The data available for review includes the Program Name, Program Description, Cost Allocations, Alignment to BPAs and Results, Budget Impact, Complexity and Timeline.



Stay informed in every phase


The reports available correlate to the phase of the Insight workshop. The first report will inform how many insights exist and the total budget impact individually and collectively. The second report illustrates the complexity and timeline and compares total insights to those designated as recommended. The third report builds further to share the insights marked for approval and all associated data points.