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Budgeting for Equity

Transform, reimagine, and evolve your programs for systemic change

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The Bigger Picture

Implement value-based budgeting for an equitable future.

Governments can have a lasting and significant impact on equity creation and application for all residents. The budget is one of the most influential tools. Priority-based budgeting’s (PBB’s) conversion from a line-item budget to a program budget opens communication and decision-making pathways, enabling equity opportunities at all program levels.

Aligning Equity Goals to Budget

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Establish Equity Mission and Goals

By shifting from conventional line-item budgets to program budgets, PBB makes programs easier to talk about and becomes a vehicle for change. PBB's equity government budgeting tools prompt a deeper understanding of how each program contributes to equity outcomes within the community.

As a result, governments can create a narrative for budget recommendation that makes sense to multiple departments, elected officials, and residents—and lays the groundwork for meaningful change.

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Adjust and Create Programs

The transition to PBB enables governments to adapt existing programs and initiate new programs that align with equity goals. With a detailed assessment of program budgets, departments can enhance equity outcomes within ongoing services and discover areas where adjustments are needed to achieve desired impacts. The PBB approach also encourages the initiation of new programs that directly address equity gaps.

By utilizing program insights, governments can align resources with community priorities, enhancing the capacity to drive positive, equity-focused transformations.

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Fund Equitable Programs

PBB integrates equity considerations into program assessments and insights, helping governments gain a comprehensive understanding of the resources needed to support equity objectives. This informed approach provides a clear rationale for fund allocation to programs that directly contribute to equity goals. Program budgets also facilitate transparent and data-driven discussions, making it easier to advocate for resources.

PBB enhances the likelihood that governments will secure necessary funding to propel equity-focused programs forward, creating a more inclusive and equitable governance and community.

Key Outcomes

Priority-Based Budgeting in Action

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Equitable Distribution

Deliver programs and services equitably and fairly to every resident in the community.
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Equitable Allocation

Empower governments to effectively meet equity goals through value-based budgeting.
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Stronger Funding

Help governments make data-driven decisions about resource investment and allocation to fund equity goals.
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Governments are a vehicle for addressing some of society's biggest challenges. PBB helps governments make the most of resources, make good on promises, and create infinite opportunities for change with the resources they already have.
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Budget Development
A dynamic approach to budget development that reflects your core values
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Budget Reporting & Visualization
All-in-one budget reporting that informs discussions and drives optimal outcomes
Planning & Analysis
Short- and long-term resource optimization to help you do the important things well
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Communication & Transparency
Budgeting that connects departments and elected officials with the public through programmatic communication
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Decision-Making & Reporting
Budget planning that provides decision makers with a clear, comprehensive basis for decision-making

Trusted by Community Leaders

“This new tool enables residents to understand the budget on a deeper level. By providing this information in an easily digestible way, we are creating a better Pittsburgh where every resident has access to the information they need to engage with city government in a meaningful way.”
“As we are looking at the budget programmatically, we are able to tell the story so differently and help others see that story differently. Program-based budgeting has really helped us focus on our equity definition and the key terms within that definition.”
“PBB provides a platform for robust discussions about the services the city provides and their costs, and a city government that can better adapt to needs as they change over time.”
Success Stories

PBB in the Real World

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Cities of Change

Austin, Savannah, and Pueblo

Learn how PBB defined equity goals and aligned city resources.

Governments have a lasting and significant impact on equity creation for all residents. A budget is one of the most powerful tools for influencing change.

Advance Equity in Your Community

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