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Priority-based budgeting uses AI-driven cloud software and a built-in strategic framework to align government resources with your community's highest priorities.

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Your PBB Solution

A budgeting tool for the big picture.

The ResourceX priority-based budgeting (PBB) platform helps governments align dollars with values. Our proven, strategic framework transforms and elevates your budgeting process with big-picture strategy, organizational alignment, and targeted community outcomes.

ResourceX Advantage

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Budget Windfall

Uncover 3-10% of your budget to reallocate to higher priorities.
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Rapid Results

Free up funds in as little as 20 days.
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AI Modeling

Predict programs and priorities with pinpoint accuracy.
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Expert Assistance

Get priority-based budgeting onboarding led by a dedicated PBB Director.
How It Works

The PBB Framework

Step 1

Create Program Data

Identify a unique set of community services or programs your organization provides that enable the government to run smoothly. This systemic process involves taking a full program inventory and assessing each program's alignment with your mission and objectives.
These distinct programs offer a language accessible to staff, elected officials, and residents. Examples: snow removal, utility billing, pothole repair, and so on.
Step 2

Identify Program Costs

Learn the true cost of each program. Generate insights from ideas applied at the program level and expanded via meaningful data layers: one-time and ongoing costs and revenue, impacted departments, level of complexity, and projected timeline to complete.
Step 3

Build a Priority-Based Budget

Evaluate the importance of individual programs through the lens of each organization's strategic priorities. This holistic approach provides decision makers with a data-backed foundation for informed budgeting decisions. It also ensures that your community can identify and preserve the most highly valued programs.
Step 4

Take Informed Action

Use data to support a transparent decision-making process. By harnessing PBB data, communicating opportunities, and assessing program insights, organizations can uncover up to 10 percent of their budget to reallocate to higher priorities and act on specific program changes or the creation of new programs.
Program Cost Dashboard
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Priority-Based Budgeting

The ResourceX PBB product goes beyond a line-item budget and provides insight into what the government does and how much it costs. Our approach creates a broader understanding of how public funds are applied and identifies wasted or underutilized resources. With useful data and full visibility, budgeting teams can make informed decisions that address the priorities and needs of a community.

Platform Capabilities

Why ResourceX?

Budget Development

Align Resources to Priorities

Priority-based budgeting ties each request to defined programmatic outcomes and detailed information based on an organization's goals. The PBB approach enables organizations to easily identify revenue possibilities, allocate and reallocate funds, and create a sustainable and fiscally responsible budget.

Reporting & Visualization

Build Trust

Traditional budgeting lacks clear output and makes it difficult to visualize allocation and outcomes. Our PBB platform provides proposed and approved line-item budget data and reporting that increases transparency and communication with leaders and decision makers. Data visualizations also show residents how community input impacts fund allocation and resulting outcomes.

Planning & Analysis

Create Fiscal Wellness

In a deficit, a traditional budget process often attempts to fund the same programs from the previous year at a reduced level. PBB identifies programs that offer the highest value and continues to fund them while reducing service levels, divesting or eliminating lower-value services. PBB puts all of the money on the table to encourage more creative conversations about services.

Communication & Transparency

Increase Accessibility

What is the most important reason to adopt program and priority-based budgeting? The ability to create a more transparent budget and budget development process. PBB creates and promotes data to connect departments and elected officials with the public. The programmatic language establishes a "say what you mean, and mean what you say" budget process that demands accountability.

Decision-Making & Reporting

Let Data Lead

Priority-based budgets drive smart decision-making. Each program clearly states its purpose, how much it costs to deliver, and how it aligns with the overall priorities of the community. Program data includes critical information about mandates and community reliance on the program. PBB goes beyond traditional budgeting to provide a heightened level of understanding and communicate the impact of funding changes.

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Data visualization of cost type
Data visualization of multi-budget
Data visualization expense and revenue
Data visualization of budget comparison by funds
Why Is ResourceX Better?

See How We Compare

Feature ResourceX Others
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Budget Windfall Uncover 3-10% of your budget to reallocate to higher-priority programs.
ResourceX Others
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AI Modeling Predict your programs and their priorities to free up funds sooner.
ResourceX Others
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PBB Director Create your budget book and let us do the heavy lifting for you.
ResourceX Others
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Thought Leader You're in good hands with our 10+ years of innovation and technology leadership in priority-based budgeting.
ResourceX Others
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Trusted Partner Experience our dedicated customer community, industry leaders, and partners.
ResourceX Others
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Best Practices We're recognized by ICMA, GFOA, and Alliance for Innovation.
ResourceX Others
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Established PBB has been implemented in 300+ North American municipalities.
ResourceX Others
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Innovative We're the only company that combines PBB methodology and software.
ResourceX Others
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Data-Driven We leverage 10+ years of program data for clients.
ResourceX Others
Our Technology

Accelerating Capabilities

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Streamlined User Experience

Experience a seamless, efficient product that offers an exceptional and intuitive user experience.
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Scalable & Secure

Our platform is scaled for the largest government entities, with state-of-the-art security.
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AI Modeling

Cutting-edge AI modeling technology predicts your programs and priorities with pinpoint accuracy.
How We Support You

ResourceX: Your PBB Partner

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Easy Onboarding

Experience seamless integration, insights, and expert guidance for immediate organizational impact with your ResourceX advisors.
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PBB Director

Our expert-led and customized implementation service becomes a member of your team, providing solutions tailored to your priorities.
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Customer Success Team

We support your team post-implementation to ensure your ongoing success.
Supported Roles & Key Issues

Leading Change

Government leaders are the catalysts for change. ResourceX helps you lead the charge.


Trusted by Community Leaders

“There was a necessity to make some tough budget decisions as a result of COVID-19, and the concepts from the PBB Blueprint that we base our program review on were the primary means of justifying budget requests from departments and were a main focus in our budget discussions.”
“Duluth is the first city in the state to adopt this staff and community-driven budgeting practice. What’s exciting is that for the first time ever, we know exactly what each city service we provide costs! Budgets represent our values and priorities in numbers, and now we can more precisely ensure they align.”
“Our journey started with the council wanting more transparency in our budget process, the greater ability to make data driven decisions, and a greater ability for the general public to be a part of the budget process. And so, we landed on priority-based budgeting as the tool and mechanism to achieve those points. I really appreciate the accolades and we're excited to continue to grow and move down this journey.”

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