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Budgeting for Executive Leadership

Empowering leaders to optimize resources and drive success

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The Bigger Picture

Discover a budgeting solution for accountable leadership.

Priority-based budgeting (PBB) empowers executive leaders to strategically allocate resources amidst revenue fluctuations, while enhancing budget transparency and ensuring long-term fiscal sustainability.

Leading with Priority-Based Budgeting

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Create Effective Communication

PBB’s government budgeting software for executive leadership empowers leaders to report on their approach and funding decisions with confidence and full transparency. 

By aligning budget allocations with community priorities, PBB’s approach allows leaders to effectively communicate how resources are utilized to achieve desired outcomes, building trust and creating open dialogue with stakeholders and citizens.

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Build Community Participation

Leaders can utilize PBB to encourage resident engagement by demonstrating how budgetary decisions directly address the unique needs and aspirations of the community.

PBB provides a clear connection between resource allocation and optimal outcomes, allowing leaders to participate in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders and residents. This enhanced communication builds trust and broader support for initiatives that resonate with the community’s values and well-being.

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Demonstrate Impact

PBB provides objective government budgeting for executive leadership. Leaders are able to demonstrate the impact of their decisions and the direct, positive effects on critical initiatives, reinforcing the community’s confidence in the decision-making process.

This level of transparency creates a deeper understanding among stakeholders and residents, and it shows how their support and engagement contribute to meaningful change. As a result, leaders are able to create a more engaged and informed community.

Key Outcomes

Priority-Based Budgeting in Action

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Resource Management

Streamline budget allocation and reallocation, enabling executive leadership to optimize resources for critical initiatives.
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Facilitate strategic program planning, allowing leaders to align budgets with priorities and resident needs.
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Foster transparent communication with stakeholders and residents, build trust, and showcase effective resource utilization.
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Governments are a vehicle for addressing some of society's biggest challenges. PBB helps governments make the most of resources, make good on promises, and create infinite opportunities for change with the resources they already have.
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Budget Development
A dynamic approach to budget development that reflects your core values
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Budget Reporting & Visualization
All-in-one budget reporting that informs discussions and drives optimal outcomes
Planning & Analysis
Short- and long-term resource optimization to help you do the important things well
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Communication & Transparency
Budgeting that connects departments and elected officials with the public through programmatic communication
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Decision-Making & Reporting
Budget planning that provides decision makers with a clear, comprehensive basis for decision-making

Trusted by Community Leaders

“Frisco ISD annually prioritizes funding to programs that have the greatest impact on student outcomes. Through priority-based budgeting, Frisco ISD identified nearly $6 million in cost savings to prioritize student outcomes.”
“This process [priority-based budgeting] has transformed the way our city creates success within our community.”
“In 2023, the District achieved $900,000 in savings in a $14 million budget—roughly 6 percent—by virtue of applying PBB, resulting in staff buy-in and collaborative participation, efficiencies with program alignment, and community buy-in.”
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