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Budgeting for Climate Action

Connect your resources with your climate initiatives through PBB

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The Bigger Picture

Create your climate action plan with PBB.

Governments must juggle numerous priorities with limited resources and organizational constraints, making it difficult to balance new budgetary needs. Priority-based budgeting (PBB) helps governments make data-driven decisions about where and how to invest finite resources toward climate action goals.

Aligning Climate Goals to Budget

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Building a Climate Action Strategy

Communities everywhere are grappling with the consequences of climate change. To effectively tackle these challenges, governments must align financial resources with comprehensive climate action strategies.
By partnering with ResourceX and embracing PBB, governments can integrate climate action plans into the budgeting process. This alignment helps leaders better understand the financial implications of climate-focused initiatives, promoting a strategic and effective distribution of resources to address climate challenges and resident needs.
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Creating a Shared Language

Traditional budget and finance units often operate on different wavelengths due to differing terminologies and priorities. PBB creates an opportunity for common understanding and a language that transcends these divisions. This harmonization is crucial as governments seek to allocate funds to their climate action plans while balancing the needs of residents and unbudgeted costs of climate change.

Through a unified language rooted in PBB, governments can drive operational improvements, enhance resident outcomes, and efficiently allocate resources. Climate-focused goals can be translated into budgetary terms and outcomes, helping leaders make informed decisions that align with environmental and financial objectives.

Data visualization of budget comparison by funds

Advancing Action with Insights

By identifying programs with potential climate impacts, governments can focus on targeted improvements. For instance, examining the environmental impact of fleet, facilities, utilities, and other emission-related activities can lead to aligned enhancements. The program insights process within PBB empowers departments to creatively reallocate resources for climate action and generate innovative solutions to address budgetary constraints and climate-related goals.

As governments adopt data-driven strategies to combat climate change, PBB becomes a robust framework to advance environmental sustainability and fiscal prudence.

Key Outcomes

Priority-Based Budgeting in Action

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Catalyzes Growth

Create opportunities for new growth and development, with the advent of climate technologies and industries, through climate government budgeting tools.
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Addresses Financial Risks

Focus on climate issues that result in unbudgeted costs to the government, e.g., increases in precipitation that lead to floods, landslides, and so on.
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Builds Awareness

Increase engagement of city employees and residents, their awareness of the climate action plan, and opportunities for change.
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Governments are a vehicle for addressing some of society's biggest challenges. PBB helps governments make the most of resources, make good on promises, and create infinite opportunities for change with the resources they already have.
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Short- and long-term resource optimization to help you do the important things well
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Communication & Transparency
Budgeting that connects departments and elected officials with the public through programmatic communication
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Decision-Making & Reporting
Budget planning that provides decision makers with a clear, comprehensive basis for decision-making

Trusted by Community Leaders

“In 2023, the District achieved $900,000 in savings in a $14 million budget—roughly 6 percent—by virtue of applying PBB, resulting in staff buy-in and collaborative participation, efficiencies with program alignment, and community buy-in.”
“I think one of the biggest insights we experienced through our priority-based budgeting process was creating awareness within employees of what our Climate Plan is and where the opportunities are through the operating platform to make changes.”
“Changing budgeting procedures can feel like an enormous task, but in the end, the created tools actually streamlined work while simultaneously making budget decisions clearer for the Mayor’s office.”
Success Stories

PBB in the Real World

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A Pittsburgh Story

Pittsburgh's Climate Action Plan

Learn how PBB aligned the city's climate goals and budget.

A government budget is an expression of a community's values and priorities. During the conversion from line items to programs, PBB creates a common language that powers Pittsburgh’s shared purpose.

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