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Budgeting for Resilience

Create a forward-thinking budget for effective crisis response and long-term stability

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The Bigger Picture

Implement priority budgeting for future preparedness.

Preparing for potential disasters or systemic inefficiencies can be costly and unpopular, but recent events like COVID-19 and ongoing natural disasters emphasize the importance of effective response. Priority-based budgeting (PBB) helps governments reimagine their budgets to prioritize resilience amid ongoing recovery.

Aligning Resilience Goals to Budget

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Preparedness Yields Resilience

Without proper planning, governments are slow to respond to events like public health emergencies and natural disasters, causing public uncertainty and distrust. COVID-19 demonstrated the importance of public health budgeting tools that help governments sustain and respond to the unexpected. 

By allocating resources strategically to essential programs through PBB, governments can ensure that the ability to effectively weather and manage crises outweighs the cost of preparedness.

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Budget Flexibility

Local economies are dealing with uncertainties arising from increased needs and decreased revenues, leading to program cuts, staff reductions, and financial strain. Governments must build resilience and adapt by shifting budget management strategies.

PBB helps governments reimagine budgetary priorities to ensure that even in the face of significant shortfalls, resources are allocated to areas that enhance the community’s ability to withstand and recover from crises.

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Survive, Adapt, and Grow

PBB allows governments to not just survive but thrive in the face of unexpected events and disasters. By allocating resources to essential programs and community health priorities, governments can protect critical programs and infrastructure during crises.

The PBB approach also enables rapid adaptation, facilitating efficient response and allowing for growth and recovery in the aftermath of crises.

Key Outcomes

Priority-Based Budgeting in Action

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Enhanced Readiness

Allocate resources for potential disasters, reinforcing government's crisis response while minimizing disruptions.
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Efficient Response

Equip governments with the financial flexibility to swiftly address unforeseen challenges and safeguard essential services and community well-being.
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Community Empowerment

Foster community engagement and trust, enabling governments to collaborate with residents, make informed decisions, and build resilience.
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Do More with PBB

Governments are a vehicle for addressing some of society's biggest challenges. PBB helps governments make the most of resources, make good on promises, and create infinite opportunities for change with the resources they already have.
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Budget Development
A dynamic approach to budget development that reflects your core values
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Budget Reporting & Visualization
All-in-one budget reporting that informs discussions and drives optimal outcomes
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Planning & Analysis
Short- and long-term resource optimization to help you do the important things well
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Communication & Transparency
Budgeting that connects departments and elected officials with the public through programmatic communication
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Decision-Making & Reporting
Budget planning that provides decision makers with a clear, comprehensive basis for decision-making

Trusted by Community Leaders

“Beginning with our commitment to build a more resilient city and through strategic partnerships over the years, Pittsburgh was able to identify $41 million in spending that has been repurposed to meet our sustainability goals—a new model of priority-based budgeting for cities.”
“Our journey started with the council wanting more transparency in our budget process, the greater ability to make data driven decisions, and a greater ability for the general public to be a part of the budget process. And so, we landed on priority-based budgeting as the tool and mechanism to achieve those points. I really appreciate the accolades and we're excited to continue to grow and move down this journey.”
“The economic circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous budget challenges, but the city was fortunate to already have PBB data available to help make difficult budget decisions. ”
Success Stories

PBB in the Real World

A group of planners strategizing in a conference room
A Littleton Story

Littleton's PBB Mastery

Learn how PBB aided Littleton, Colorado's communication and reallocation efforts.

The impacts of COVID-19 forced cities across the world to pivot. The PBB Blueprint helped Littleton make tough decisions and justify budget requests in the wake of a new reality.

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