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Budgeting for Finance Teams

The all-in-one budgeting approach for Budget Managers and Finance Directors

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The Bigger Picture

Discover a complete budget solution for finance teams.

Priority-based budgeting (PBB) is a strategic approach to government budgeting for finance teams that helps Budget Managers and Finance Directors make more informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and utilize ResourceXperts to aid in implementation and the PBB process.

Budgeting with PBB

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Overcome Budgeting Challenges

PBB delivers solutions for key budgeting challenges faced in traditional budgeting processes, such as lack of funding and transparency. 

The PBB approach enables Budget Managers and Finance Directors to explore revenue opportunities through targeted allocation. Finance teams can utilize PBB to enhance transparency, provide visibility into costs, and support efficient resource prioritization.

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Empower Your Team

PBB’s fund accounting software for government aligns budgets with community priorities, helping finance teams make decisions that match broader goals. 

The PBB method:

  • Simplifies budget information for clear communication
  • Creates transparency in resource allocation
  • Empowers evidence-based decisions
  • Enhances the effectiveness of budget hearings
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Optimize Outcomes

With its essential program-focused process and capabilities, PBB aligns budgets with government objectives to ensure compliance and strategic planning. Finance teams gain data-driven insights for precise resource allocation and reallocation. 

The ResourceX PBB Director helps Budget Managers and Finance Directors build sustainable fiscal responsibility through a comprehensive budget implementation and process, expert guidance, and adaptable allocation.

Key Outcomes

Priority-Based Budgeting in Action

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Informed Decision-Making

Gain data-driven insights for precise resource allocation or reallocation and effective decision-making.
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Strategic Planning

Direct resources toward critical programs, optimizing outcomes and organizational impact.
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Industry Leadership

Ensure alignment with community goals, fostering responsible financial practices.
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Do More with PBB

Governments are a vehicle for addressing some of society's biggest challenges. PBB helps governments make the most of resources, make good on promises, and create infinite opportunities for change with the resources they already have.
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Budget Development
A dynamic approach to budget development that reflects your core values
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Budget Reporting & Visualization
All-in-one budget reporting that informs discussions and drives optimal outcomes
Planning & Analysis
Short- and long-term resource optimization to help you do the important things well
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Communication & Transparency
Budgeting that connects departments and elected officials with the public through programmatic communication
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Decision-Making & Reporting
Budget planning that provides decision makers with a clear, comprehensive basis for decision-making
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ICMA Partnership

ResourceX is proud to be an International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Strategic Partner. The ICMA is the leading organization for change makers and is dedicated to the advancement of professional local government through leadership, management, innovation, and ethics.

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GFOA Partnership

ResourceX is excited to contribute to the Rethinking Budgeting initiative, facilitated by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The GFOA represents public finance officials in the United States and Canada with its mission of advancing excellence in public finance.

Funkhouser and Associates logo

Funkhouser & Associates

Funkhouser & Associates is a consulting firm founded by Mark Funkhouser, a longtime public servant and a former publisher of Governing magazine. Funkhouser & Associates was founded on the idea that we can create a better government by building trusting relationships with each other and our government partners.

ICLEI logo

ICLEI USA—Local Governments for Sustainability Partnership

ResourceX and ICLEI USA—Local Governments for Sustainability announced a partnership in 2022 and will jointly launch a climate budgeting cohort in 2023 for organizations advancing climate action. ICLEI USA Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network of more than 2,500 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development.

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Delivery Associates

The City of Pittsburgh’s Resident Dashboard is the the culmination of a strategic partnership between the city, Delivery Associates, and ResourceX. Delivery Associates helps governments and social impact organizations turn ambitious goals into a reality.


Trusted by Community Leaders

“Priority-based budgeting lets us put our money where our mouth is, with being able to take council priorities and easily demonstrate how the budget and resources are being applied.”
“Our journey started with the council wanting more transparency in our budget process, the greater ability to make data driven decisions, and a greater ability for the general public to be a part of the budget process. And so, we landed on priority-based budgeting as the tool and mechanism to achieve those points. I really appreciate the accolades, and we're excited to continue to grow and move on this journey.”
“We had some hesitancy in moving toward program-based budgeting, but our entire department really found this process enlightening. It was really helpful in truly realizing what we had was important and looking at how it affected the entire city.”
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Solution Introduction

Semper mauris eleifend sed mauris

Tempor tincidunt scelerisque hac tellus netus nibh.

At suscipit nibh aliquam ut erat tempor ante enim at. Mauris at urna fermentum facilisi eleifend feugiat. Maecenas eu praesent scelerisque tincidunt massa. Enim.

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