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Texas Municipal League
San Antonio, Texas - Booth 931

October 5-7, 2022
The Texas Municipal League is excited to reconvene in San Antonio, TX, for the 2022 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition. Community leaders and municipal professionals from all over the state attend the event for educational opportunities, networking, and strategizing. Learn more.

Connect with Brent Sherman or Mitch Hagy ahead of the conference.


League of Oregon Cities
Bend, Oregon - Booth 63

October 5-7, 2022
We are excited to host city leaders from across the state in person for the LOC’s 97th Annual Conference at the Riverhouse in Bend. Learn more

Connect with Wendy Wiebelhaus or Erik Fabian ahead of the conference..


Ohio Municipal League
Columbus, Ohio - Booth 18

October 12-14, 2022
The Annual Conference brings together mayors, council members, city managers, village administrators, departmental staff members, as well as additional stakeholders, civic leaders, and subject matter experts to discuss best practices and the most pressing issues being faced by Ohio’s cities and villages. Learn more

Connect with Ryan Lucia or Erik Fabian ahead of the conference.

Budgeting for Equity (2)

Integrating climate considerations into operating and capital budgeting decisions across the organization strengthens resource alignment with Climate Action Plans. View the recording.

Impact Report Reschedule (Twitter Post) (3)

The ResourceX Annual Impact Report is a celebration of the Priority Based Budgeting community and an opportunity to share the invaluable programmatic data created by this community.  View the recording.

onlinepbb budgeter february 9

With OnlinePBB Budgeter, you can create budget requests at the program level with built-in cost and program data to serve as a fully built decision package. View the recording.

Budgeting for Equity

Applying an equity lens to PBB data, one of the most surprising realizations is that each and every program offered has an opportunity to be transformed, reimagined, and evolved to increase equity. View the recording.

arpa tools header image (4)-1

While many local governments continue to gather information about how best to invest American Rescue Plan Act Funds, the process of creating, evaluating and prioritizing proposals shouldn't be ignored. View the recording.

2022 Event Calendar (3)

The partnership among Strategic Steps, It's Logical and ResourceX brings a new vision of good governance that endeavors to address the responsibility on local governments to identify demands, determine how to deliver them, and at what scale. Learn more.

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