Announcing Engage PBB Forum! Join the Conversation!

"Engage PBB is a new online forum for partners, friends and the PBB community to gather to share thoughts, ideas and new initiatives. In our work with 200+ local government partners, we have seen that individuals and organizations that share ideas to improve the way they leverage data for decision-making and maximizing resources are much more likely to deliver results to citizens and the community."

Implementing priority-based budgeting creates positive change in communities. This change, however, is not easy and takes determination, focus and vision. It takes time and effort to build PBB into organizational culture. It also takes a village. ResourceX is pleased to announce its brand-new EngagePBB Forum to build that village.

EngagePBB is a platform to communicate, connect and learn. With this forum, ResourceX friends, partners and clients can engage through reading and responding to questions and exchange experiences about priority-based budgeting.

While our blog and PBB Communities page narrate success stories of PBB community partners, this forum presents the opportunity to ask and engage with others on how to implement, apply, and achieve success with priority-based budgeting!

The Engage PBB Forum offers three basic advantages:

  1. A place to engage with PBB communities, partners, experts, and friends

  2. Additional resources for learning about ResourceX services/products

  3. Extremely intuitive functionality

ResourceX staff will pose questions regularly to start a conversation, but anyone is welcome to post a question or conversation starter of their own at any time! As more communities respond, this conversation becomes a documented source of knowledge to learn about and share experiences with others’ who are endeavoring to reinvent fiscal analytics. Discussion topics include:

  • Applying PBB Data

  • Regional Exploration

  • Priority Based Budgeting

  • Program Budgeting

  • Open Data

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Ask Anyone Anything

These topics allow for anyone to learn from a variety of client PBB experiences and apply them in their own organization. Additionally, the forum Members page displays each of the members, complete with a picture and short bio.

Communication between PBB partners is now easier than ever! You can follow members, view their posts and comments and much more! Utilizing the Members page and EngagePBB Forum will take the PBB village to new heights. Start engaging here today!

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