Modeling Financial Impact "Scenarios" Survey

With all forms of local government facing unprecedented fiscal pressure (cities, counties, school districts, transit agencies, etc.), the time is now to address short-term crisis while simultaneously planning for a long-term rebound strategy (and ultimately flourishing).

The first step is to try and understand what the future may hold. Not through a crystal ball, but by modeling various fiscal scenarios we may be facing, and then strategically planning how your organization may respond to various scenarios.

We've created an open-source survey to summarize and crowd-source the types of financial impact "scenarios" that communities are imagining (and modeling), as well as the range of strategies solutions being actively implemented (or planned for).

In general, the discussion we're hoping to drive, centers on these two points of interest:

  1. Very interested in revenue scenarios that organizations are modeling right now (v-shaped, W, L, U, or VVV... etc)

  2. Also very interested in the various strategies you're developing that stack up against each scenario (and if they stack up)

Here's the link to the survey - We predict it will take no more than 4-minutes to complete:

Financial Impact Scenario Survey

Whether it turns out that we're currently living through the very first segment of either a "v" shaped recovery, a "V", a "W" or an "L", we only know it's looked something like " \... " and the "..." is what we have to plan for next.

The purpose of this survey is to identify what scenarios you're modeling, and the strategies and solutions you're deploying (or readying your organization to deploy) in hopes of summarizing and sharing the wisdom of the crowd back with everybody.

We plan to leave this survey open for the foreseeable future, and plan to report back to this discussion thread with results regularly (on a weekly basis, if the feedback continues). Click to review current survey results.

Thanks everyone for considering this, and for participating!

Take the Financial Impact Scenario Survey today!

*For all local government peers & partners, we are offering free webinar training & 3-month free software subscription that provides guidance and instruction on how best to approach fiscal forecasting and scenario planning.

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