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New Video! Prioritizing Government Spending to Maximize ROI

, | June 9, 2017 | By

Recently, ResourceX and ViewPoint Cloud teamed up for a webinar to discuss how to identify, prioritize, and spend on the kinds of high-impact investments that will save your government resources in the long run. Our featured speakers shared their insights from efforts that helped their communities save big—one through partnered services (P3) and another through new software.

Featured Speakers

  • Eric Keck, City Manager, City of Englewood, Colorado | Saving with Partnerships: Bundling Emergency Services - Eric Keck is the City Manager of Englewood, CO. While serving as City Manager, Eric has implemented priority based budgeting in Englewood and applied PBB to enhance public safety through regional collaboration with the City and County of Denver by contracting fire and EMS services, gaining improved service and savings of over $3.5 Million in the first year alone! Eric has also served on the Credentialing Advisory Board with ICMA and the City Administrator with the City of Post Falls, Idaho. #FunFact: Eric Keck is the first and only Municipal Leader to launch PBB in two different municipalities (both Post Falls, ID and Englewood, CO).

  • Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator, Franklin, MA | Saving with Technology: Upgrading to Cloud-based Software - Jamie Hellen is the Deputy Town Administrator of Franklin, Massachusetts. With a broad focus on innovating town processes through technology, Jamie helped Franklin implement a new cloud-based permitting and licensing software solution in just three weeks. While still in its infancy, this project has already started saving Franklin's Building Department and Town Clerk's office countless hours and thousands of dollars spent on the manual processes the new software has replaced.

If you missed it, we now have the video available to you! See below!

And click to find out more about ResourceX and online priority based budgeting!


Optimizing Resources Through Collaboration & Partnerships | Eric Keck, City Manager, Englewood, CO

Prioritizing Technology Transitions in Government | Jamie Hellen, Deputy Town Administrator, Franklin, MA