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Rapid PBBi Cohort Training Orientation Webinars June/July 2020

June/July 2020


Free Webinar

Local government needs data on every program they provide, to guide the best choices for service-level changes and savings options – and we need this data as soon as possible, to plan for decisions we must make in the very near future.


In our ongoing efforts to equip you and your organization with program-level data, we are launching PBBi Cohorts starting June 9th. However, organizations can join at any time. We have multiple training classes scheduled weekly so you and other organizations can jump in at any time!

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Fiscal Forecasting & Scenario Planning Training Webinars June/July 2020

June/July 2020

Free Webinar

For all local government peers & partners, we are offering free webinar training & 1-month free software subscription that provides guidance and instruction on how best to approach fiscal forecasting and scenario planning.

  • How will your revenue streams be impacted by social distancing policies?

  • Can ear-marked funding for capital projects be redeployed to back-fill for revenue shortfalls?

  • What will short term, one-time efforts to ramp up emergency response mean for your long-term reserve policy?

  • How does your financial picture respond in the case of a summer-time reprieve and a “flattening of the curve”, and what might a fall-season return of COVID mean?

  • We want to help you model these scenarios, reduce uncertainty to the greatest extent possible, and build “what-if” scenarios to plan around.

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