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Priority Based Budgeting at GFOA in Denver!

, | May 20, 2017 | By

Heading to GFOA 2017 in Denver? Excellent, because ResourceX will be there too and we have several opportunities for you to engage in Online Priority Based Budgeting demo's and to discuss how to bring PBB to your community!

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The Center for Priority Based Budgeting has teamed with Resource Exploration to build the process of PBB into an online platform. Resource X brings experience in database and web design needed to create an Online PBB platform to analyze PBBData that leads to actionable decision-making!

The Power of RX Online PBB Platform to Accelerate Actionable Decision-Making

Online PBB provides a much more powerful, efficient, and data-driven approach to achieving exponential community results than ever before! During your GFOA demo meeting you will learn how to apply Online PBB to achieve:

Online PBB and InstaPBB – Rapid and efficient deployment of the Online PBB budgeting platform completely unique to your organization.

Priority Based Business Planning and Budgeting - Your PBB budget process provides a tool for allocating resources within a broader and all encompassing Strategic Plan and Business Planning framework.

Staff empowerment – Ultimately, the “lens” that PBB establishes to guide resource re-allocation decisions is only a tool; the lens serves one purpose, which is to serve the “trained eyes” of policy makers, executive administration, and ultimately residents.

DashPBB - The user interface for the department level decision maker, this has been designed for department heads within an organization to analyze, track, and update their budget model.

Capital Project Prioritization – Many have talked about, many have desired to do it, and now innovative NW communities will be among the very first to actually implement and integrate Capital Projects using PBB methodology.

PresentPBB - Engage your elected officials like never before, this tool simplifies the message of priority based budgeting through powerful visuals and dynamic charts. Open PBB Data – Translate your Online PBB data platform into a powerful community facing transparency tool. Use OpenPBBData platform to communicate to your residents and stakeholders to roll out an “open data” initiative, leveraging your PBB data.

This is your opportunity to join over 170 over 160 cities, counties, school districts and special districts who are utilizing priority based budgeting to apply PBB data for actionable decision-making!

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See you in Denver!