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ResourceX is leading an ELGL Cohort to support the creation and application of data
needed to communicate and make organizational decisions that impact every citizen’s welfare, and influence the resiliency of every organization.

ELGL ResourceX (10)Budgeting for Resiliency

We will take a “Learn → Do” approach to engagement, introducing new concepts, learning from case studies, and engaging with Online PBB software. Participants will begin building out their own data set and identifying program insights that inspire actionable, resiliency focused decision-making. With a specific focus on achieving equity and climate outcomes.

Over the course of six (6) sessions, ResourceX facilitators will guide participants through:
Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to Priority Based Budgeting
Session 2: Create Your Story with a Program Inventory
Session 3: Shape Your Story through Cost Allocation
Session 4: Qualify Your Story with Attribute Evaluations
Session 5: Imagine Your Future with Program Insights
Session 6: Write Your Future Story by Taking Action on Your Data

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ELGL Level Up Cohorts

Level Up Cohorts are three-month programs that focus on a single issue and allow participants to build their network, attend biweekly collaboration and training sessions, and create a policy or program strategy to support their work. Level Up participants attend one in-person meetup at a regional event and appear on a GovLove podcast to build relationships and share their knowledge with other ELGL members.


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About ResourceX

ResourceX’s Priority Based Budgeting platform is a leading best practice in local government and can be a powerful lever for change in your community. ResourceX provides the software solution and powerful analytic tools to create program-based business intelligence and implement a Priority Based Budget using data and evidence to transparently and exponentially improve your community results.

Priority Based Budgeting is a growing movement across North America. ResourceX has partnered with over 250 cities, counties, school districts, special districts, and non-profit organizations in the USA and Canada to implement and apply PBB data for actionable decision-making.

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