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A New Vision for Great Governance

The partnership among Strategic Steps, It's Logical and ResourceX brings a new vision of great governance with intent

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DENVER, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Great governance is an intentional focus on creating the conditions to assist citizens in achieving their fullest potential. Our role is to understand the public desires and strive to maximize well-being returns for their investment into the community.


The partnership among Strategic Steps, It's Logical and ResourceX brings a new vision of great governance that endeavors to address the responsibility of local governments to identify demands, determine how to deliver them, and at what scale; to respond to those demands with programs, services, amenities, and facilities; and then to check that the demand is met to the ability of the local government. This process is a loop, where one period's results will help inform the next period's plans. This new partnership considers each step within this loop to ensure adequate emphasis and attention to each responsibility area.

Join us Tuesday, February 9, 2021, at 10:00 AM CST 
to learn more about developing and applying the
core concepts of great governance in your organization.


This new partnership brings together a wealth of expertise and experience across North America. Elected officials, local government leaders, and citizens seek solutions that benefit their community. This new vision for great governance delivers that outcome through practiced and proven technologies and methodologies.


The ultimate goal is to build communities to which people want to move and in which families want to remain. The growth of well-being in the community results in more of a whole community where individuals freely return value to their neighbors and friends.

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