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New Interim Director of Customer Success at ResourceX

, , | June 8, 2023 | By

Local governments are facing unprecedented new challenges. Issues confronting communities include climate change, societal inequity, aging infrastructure, fiscal challenges, capacity pressure, and so much more.

Today’s leaders are tasked with addressing monumental challenges and have limited budgets and resources to do so.

To maintain our commitment to providing exceptional support and expertise to priority based budgeting (PBB) communities in tackling and solving the challenges of today (and tomorrow), ResourceX is excited to announce the transition of Erik Fabian as the new ResourceX Director of Customer (Priority Based Budgeting) Success.

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“Our customers are committed to the great pursuit of budget transformation, strategically aligning resources to strategic priorities and creating better outcomes for residents. PBB is a powerful software tool, yes. And it’s a paradigm shift that succeeds with proactive leadership—that’s why we’re thrilled to have Erik Fabian support our customers, to fulfill the promise and power of resource alignment with results that matter. Erik is an exceptional leader who’s devoted his career to such civic transformation and succeeded.”

—Chris Fabian, ResourceX CEO.


Erik is a ResourceX veteran who has lived and breathed priority based budgeting for the last decade. He is passionate about connecting public sector entities to effective and scalable methodologies and innovative technologies to improve outcomes for residents and their communities.

As our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Erik led eight US cities through priority based budgeting in partnership with Results for America through the Cities Budgeting for Equity & Recovery (CBER) initiative. Currently, he leads ResourceX’s support of nine local government organizations through a Budgeting for Climate Action cohort in partnership with ICLEI USA by providing concepts and application of PBB methodology to ensure resources are aligned with sustainability goals and outcomes.

Building off the ResourceX Customer Success Team’s expertise in supporting customers in developing their initial program-level data set, Erik will transition customers to applying program data to reach customer-specific outcomes.

Priority based budgeting and program based budgeting are toolsets, they are frameworks for evaluating options and alternatives with respect to resource allocation decisions, and fundamentally a means to achieve a solution to a particular challenge. The challenge is that most organizations have new programs and services they wish to launch in order to create a brighter future for their communities, but they don’t have the people or the money to launch these new services.

At the same time, the cost of providing current services continues to increase, putting additional strain on the resources available to achieve the results that matter most to their citizens. Applying PBB, organizations discover solutions to optimize their current resources and explore opportunities to attain new resources in order to successfully launch new programs and bolster the highest priority programs required to create the best future they can.

Fundamental to all levels of mastery is creating programmatic data, driving and communicating resource allocation decisions that create beneficial programmatic changes, and increasing impact on results that matter.

ResourceX believes that for local government leaders to succeed in a data-driven era, local governments need to create more insightful data and develop new skills and clear ambitions to most prosperously put data to use and repurpose resources to achieve strategic priorities.

Erik will educate, connect, and provide leadership to PBB organizations to strategically align resources with community outcomes. Through priority based budgeting methodology and software, Erik will support local governments in accelerating data-driven decision-making and budgeting to align and reallocate resources toward society’s biggest challenges.

Erik can be contacted directly at efabian@resourcex.net

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