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Budget Management Spotlight: The Role of a PBB Director

| December 7, 2023 | By

When the goal of a state or local budget is to reduce spending year over year, it can create a disconnect with community needs. The limited perspective of traditional line-item budgeting demands that every dollar work harder without a nuanced understanding of which programs and services have fixed costs, which are falling short of their purpose, and where the costs to maintain existing programs have increased.

Priority-based budgets (PBB) shift the perspective of funding allocation toward outcomes with measurable goals. This approach helps governments visualize how funding will impact the community, uncover new revenue possibilities, and promote more transparent budget management.

It’s one thing to recognize the value of aligning program outcomes with priorities and data-driven insights, it’s another to find the time and resources to implement new budget management software. A PBB Director can help you overcome the roadblocks with expertise and efficiency to customize PBB solutions for your community.

Read The Essential Guide to Priority-Based Budgeting to learn how a  program-focused budget better aligns resources and funding with community  priorities and outcomes.


What is a PBB Director?

A PBB Director is a government finance expert who partners with your team to successfully bridge resource gaps and implement a budgeting framework that benefits your community. They bring decades of individual experience to support you beyond implementation and throughout the budget cycle.


What are the roles and responsibilities of a PBB Director?

The PBB Director facilitates project management, strategic planning, proposals, and communication so your organization can effortlessly implement priority-based budgeting. This mitigates the potential for false starts or misfires as you reframe budget management.

Learning to interpret data from a new perspective takes time. With the support of a PBB Director, your team can precisely analyze where to allocate resources for community impact, translating goals across each program. It will be the PBB Director’s responsibility to:

  • Manage the project and lead departmental processes. Their experienced direction ensures things run smoothly and efficiently, reducing implementation time by half. In this capacity, they create program inventories, assist with cost allocations, and support program scoring.
  • Drive the budget process and support proposal development. Nothing is overlooked as the PBB Director closely collaborates with your team for a sustainable proposal. In this capacity, they prepare data for PBB implementation, identify resource reallocation opportunities, and build the budget book.
  • Communicate with organizational leadership. Helping everyone speak the same language, engage, and build confidence in the process. In this capacity, they ensure departments meet key deadlines, report on their progress, and deliver presentations to all stakeholders.


What are the benefits of working with a PBB Director?

More than serving as a subject matter expert, a PBB Director lays a reliable foundation for your new budget management framework. If any stakeholders are reluctant to change or unconvinced of the value priority-based budgets offer, a strategic partner can inspire confidence that the transition is in capable hands.

  • Reduced lift. Working with a PBB Director to lead implementation allows your team to prioritize their day-to-day responsibilities without the added pressure to become budget experts overnight.
  • Expedited value delivery. See return on your investment from the start. Collaborating with your organization, the PBB Director will develop actionable strategies to free up funds in as few as 20 days.
  • Expertise tailored to your community. A dedicated PBB Director will come to you to see the needs of your community firsthand, ensuring that solutions are intentional and thoughtfully designed.
  • Recommendations to support resource allocation goals. Along with PBB and government budget expertise, the PBB Director gives your team a perspective of the bigger picture. They will identify targeted opportunities—including revenue enhancements, efficiencies, and partnerships—to align your budget for immediate outcomes in support of community values.


Gain Perspective for Strategic Budget Management

The needs of communities change over time, and budgets need to change with them. When each program and service funded supports measurable goals, it leads to greater transparency, accountability, and evidence-based decision-making.

ResourceX’s PBB Director service was launched to handle the heavy lifting of implementation, so you can rely on their expertise and realign your budget with confidence. Read The Essential Guide to Priority-Based Budgeting to learn more about how your community can benefit.

Read The Essential Guide to Priority-Based Budgeting