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Celebrating ResourceXcellence: City of Ann Arbor, Michigan

, , | January 8, 2021 | By

Achieving ResourceXcellence in
Fueling Resources Towards the Results of Tomorrow


ResourceXcellence Award When we at ResourceX talk about communities and organizations that have achieved a level of Mastery, we are celebrating the creation of data in OnlinePBB and the application of that data in their organization and beyond. The teams we identify as Masters in the ResourceX community have established themselves both as innovators and as accomplished PBB practitioners. They serve as examples of what can be accomplished with program data and inspiration for those working to create and apply their own data. 


The leadership in the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan is committed to tackling their community's biggest needs. With that commitment comes a commitment to fund it. Through their implementation of PBB and the program data they created, they were then able to examine each program in search of actions that would contribute to reallocating resources for a host of initiatives in need, including the City's Climate Action Plan, community policing, rebounding from COVID-related revenue loss, DEI initiatives and many other projects that need funding. Through a facilitated workshop experience with ResourceX, they were able to determine opportunities at three levels: "What Could We Do?" "What Should We Do?" and "What Will We Do?" As of this post, their team of both Super Users and Department Users have identified: 

154 Opportunities they COULD do (Insight Identification)
71 Opportunities they SHOULD consider (Insight Recommendation)
51 Opportunities they WILL take action on (Insight Validation)

It is their commitment to funding a better future that provides us the honor of congratulating them on achieving ResourceXcellence in Resource Reallocation and Maximization. 

ResourceXcellence Fueling Resources

Download the full 2020 ResourceX Annual Report here.

And as we honor those who serve as examples of excellence in certain areas, we hope those developing proficiency in their data will be inspired to explore their own Mastery. 

Proficiency and Mastery

Schedule time with the ResourceX team to discuss the outcomes you are facing and let us support you through data creation and application. Whether you are a new organization looking for data or an existing client looking to direct your data towards a specific outcome, the ResourceX team is ready to help!