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south jordan logoWhen faced with the need to improve access to recreation and park opportunities in a fiscally responsible way, the City of South Jordan began exploring partnership ideas with Salt Lake County. The County had closed a recreation center, and the City of South Jordan wanted to increase the availability and variety of services in their fitness and aquatics center. To ensure residents got the most out of their facilities and services, the partnership transferred operation of the South Jordan Fitness and Aquatics center to Salt Lake County. Another benefit of this partnership gave the City equal ownership in the programming at the regional park.

It is their commitment to providing the best services to their communities while exploring innovative partnerships that provides us the honor of congratulating them on achieving ResourceXcellence in Leverage All of Your Community's Resources.

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Learn more about the PBB efforts in South Jordan here:
City of South Jordan and Salt Lake County Partnership

Download the full 2020 ResourceX Annual Report here.

ResourceXcellence Award When we at ResourceX talk about communities and organizations that have achieved a level Mastery, we are celebrating the creation of data in OnlinePBB and the application of that data in their organization and beyond. The teams we identify as Masters in the ResourceX community have established themselves both as innovators and as accomplished PBB practitioners. They serve as examples of what can be accomplished with program data and inspiration for those working to create and apply their own data. 


And as we honor those who serve as examples of excellence in certain areas, we hope those developing proficiency in their data will be inspired to explore their own Mastery. 

Proficiency and Mastery

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