Celebrating ResourceXcellence: Washington County, Wisconsin

Achieving ResourceXcellence in
Resource Reallocation and Maximization

ResourceXcellence Award When we at ResourceX talk about communities and organizations that have achieved a level of Mastery, we are celebrating the creation of data in OnlinePBB and the application of that data in their organization and beyond. The teams we identify as Masters in the ResourceX community have established themselves both as innovators and as accomplished PBB practitioners. They serve as examples of what can be accomplished with program data and inspiration for those working to create and apply their own data. 


Washington County, WI has long been an innovative member of the PBB community. In the past few years, they successfully merged County Health Departments with a neighboring County, and have openly invited other neighboring Counties to form partnerships to gain operating efficiencies and to repurpose resources to expand programs.

The Washington County Parks Division made a commitment in 2017, when faced with park closures and the dissolution of the Parks Division as a whole, to achieve financial independence and fiscal sustainability. Their three-year goal was to make the County Parks System independent of the property tax levy. Since 2017 the tax levy support of the Parks System has continually and consistently decreased, and for the first time this year, the 2021 Budget reflects that parks maintenance and operations will be off the levy. Through innovative ideas and entrepreneurial approaches, the reduction of nearly $400,000 in just four years was accomplished.

It is their commitment to maximizing their resources and thinking entrepreneurially that provides us the honor of congratulating them on achieving ResourceXcellence in Resource Reallocation and Maximization. 

ResourceXcellence in Reallocation

Learn more about the PBB efforts in Washington County here:
The Washington County Parks Fiscal Sustainability Plan           

Washington County, WI Invites Neighbors to Consolidate Services or Merge

Download the full 2020 ResourceX Annual Report here.

And as we honor those who serve as examples of excellence in certain areas, we hope those developing proficiency in their data will be inspired to explore their own Mastery. 

Proficiency and Mastery

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