10% Reallocation... Does it Matter?

In 2020, we measured a single-year reallocation of resources from 2019, and we are moved to share the results of our analysis here.

image (6)This is multi-million dollar resource reallocation in the course of a single year's plan. This kind of progress is extraordinarily important, and we applaud everybody on the list.

Who Cares about 10% Reallocation – Does it matter?

Let's take climate change as an example. Estimates suggest that for roughly $300 billion in resources, we could "flatten the curve" on making climate change worse, and for upwards of $3.8 trillion, we could invest enough to achieve a world-wide energy transition that ends climate change. These resources would be needed for direct capital investment, as well as the workforce required to invest in this energy transformation.

Let's assume that those figures have some basis in reality; how much would local and state governments have to reallocate, and for how long, to hit those kinds of numbers?

This is calculable: State and Local General Government Spending on programs alone has most recently been estimated at $3 trillion.


Meaning, that sustained annual resource reallocation over a period of several years could produce the trillions necessary to tackle wicked problems – this is the beauty of the power of government resources in action.

As ResourceX communities have begun to introduce 10% reallocation of resources into the probability stream, it's extremely inspiring to see that it can certainly be done.

If we made this type of milestone less extraordinary and more ordinary, perhaps we could really contribute more and more to reducing the risk that major societal problems go unaddressed.

Mission Accomplished?

Funding the highly aspirational solutions to wicked problems can only happen if resources are truly, intentionally reallocated.

As you'll read about in the ResourceXcellence Awards, communities from Littleton, Colorado to Ft Saskatchewan, Alberta, are demonstrating intentional reallocation of resources in beautiful and meaningful ways. They exhibit the definition of resource reallocation Mastery that we are striving to create in all practitioners.

Annual Report

Access the digital and downloadable 2020 ResourceX Annual Report and the recording of Chris Fabian's presentation of the report here.

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