Leaders Wanted for the 2021 ResourceX Leadership Initiative

Capstones in Action - ResourceX Leadership Initiative Creates Innovative Ideas for Real World Application

The ResourceX Leadership Initiative launched in the spring of 2019. Eric Keck, VP of Customer Success at ResourceX, designed it to create the space for leadership development among our PBB community. The course consists of training, support, and a capstone project, all tied to the development of proficiency and mastery of their own PBB data.* Three cohorts of leaders have undertaken the ResourceX Leadership Initiative. The resulting capstone projects inspire and amaze us at ResourceX and have been put into practice through real-world application in several organizations.

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A Story of PBB Mastery: Littleton, Colorado

The City of Littleton, Colorado Applies their PBB Mastery in Communication and Reallocation Efforts

The City of Littleton published their 2021 Final Budget last week, and like so many throughout the country and world, the impacts of COVID-19 are ever-present. The intentions and plans for 2020 went out the door as COVID-19 forced the need to pivot to new expectations and make tough decisions. For the City of Littleton, the reality of 2020 presented these same challenges, and they responded with a growing fluency and mastery of Priority Based Budgeting (PBB).

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ResourceX Empowers Informed Action through Insights

Impacting Change at the Program Level

Organizations can apply robust program based business intelligence, created through ResourceX's OnlinePBB tools and methodology, in the manner that best suits their organization. Programmatic data enables you to communicate better the services you are providing. It also serves as the foundation for a Priority Based Budget which demonstrates the alignment of resources to priorities. These program data layers created through OnlinePBB empower your organization to identify opportunities and take informed action on that data. Learn more about data creation here

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