Local governments have a great opportunity to create a better future

Local governments have an enormous opportunity to create a better future if they spend ARPA funds strategically - Check out how the ResourceX ARPA Toolset can support your organization!

ICMA surveyed local government Chief Administrative Officers in September of 2021 about their prioritiesICMA ARPA Survey for utilizing their American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Nearly 600 town, city, and county managers responded and around half of the overall respondents anticipated hiring or designating coordinators for overall planning and management of these funds.

Large consulting firms carry a matching price tag to step in and manage this process. ResourceX built ARPA proposal management and prioritization tools for local governments to meet their needs without the huge price tag. The ResourceX tools harness the power and potential of the proven methodology and technology of our industry-backed OnlinePBB Scoring and Insights framework.

Home Page product image (1)The OnlinePBB tools empower organizations to create proposals complete with all relevant, required, and crucial information built-in through an intuitive and efficient process. The tools come with a standard set of ARPA fields. However, organizations can customize them to include the data points most critical to your organization and community resulting in an indexed vault of proposals rich with data and prioritized against the priorities of your municipality.

Proposals begin with a simple name and description and then layer on data points. ResourceX willARPA TY Image 2-1 support you in the creation and uploading of your proposal scoring matrix to the OnlinePBB tools. More than 300 municipalities across North America have utilized our scoring process as part of our best practice, Priority Based Budgeting. We have adapted this process to serve local governments as an ARPA proposal evaluation and prioritization tool during this critical time.

As decision-makers review each proposal, aligning the priorities identified in your unique scoring rubric provides an invaluable dataset. This strategic process also ensures every proposal receives a transparent and repeatable evaluation. Utilizing your custom rubric also ensures that decision-makers review each proposal through the lens of those priorities important to your community.

Additional program scoring matrix data points are added during the ResourceX Insights process. Here is an additional opportunity to customize the data captured, and examples include "Treasury Guidance Category," "Eligibility Determination," "Equity," "Timeline and Complexity," and "ResourceX Tier Alignment."

And finally, those submitting proposals can add a narrative component to their proposals to help decision-makers understand what makes that proposal compelling. Organizations can add free-response questions to their proposal portals to ensure that they capture all of the data necessary to act in the best interest of the organization and community.arpa tools header image (4)Don't miss the chance to see these ARPA tools in action next week as Chris Fabian, ResourceX Co-Found and CEO, demonstrates the simplicity and power of the OnlinePBB ARPA toolset. We want to support local governments as they work to allocate these once-in-a-lifetime federal funds. We believe we have the tools to put the funds into action in an efficient, inclusive, accessible and affordable way. Join us Wednesday, November 10th, 1:00 PM MT.

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