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Impacting Change at the Program Level

Organizations can apply robust program based business intelligence, created through ResourceX's OnlinePBB tools and methodology, in the manner that best suits their organization. Programmatic data enables you to communicate better the services you are providing. It also serves as the foundation for a Priority Based Budget which demonstrates the alignment of resources to priorities. These program data layers created through OnlinePBB empower your organization to identify opportunities and take informed action on that data. Learn more about data creation here

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ResourceX created a Blue Print to the Fund the Future that serves as a pathway to identifying opportunities at the program level. We have taken that pathway a step further to encourage action on those opportunities through Insights. Change happens at the program level!

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Insights are program-driven tags that identify the recommended action and the steps necessary to accomplish that action. These Insights empower you at the program, department, and organization level to enact change and realize programmatic conversations' potential.

Insights are customizable to your organization to address any priority: Expense Reduction, Revenue Generation, Equity, Climate Action, Program Level Partnerships (both internal and external), or whatever your focus may be.

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The communities who apply the Insight level data to their program inventories can make decisions armed with a deeper level of knowledge about what opportunities exist, the financial implications of each opportunity, and what needs to happen to make them a reality.

Download Insights Infographic and Blue Print Data Sheet.

  • The City of St. Albert, Alberta, identified over 200 opportunities to reduce expenses in the aftermath of COVID-19 shutdowns. Read more here.
  • The City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, identified 189 opportunities to address a budget shortfall.
  • The City of Littleton, Colorado, created a process by which departments identified three Insights each, and the City Manager helped prioritize the enactment of at least one. Read more here.
  • The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is in the process of identifying Insights, with over 80 so far, to address their Climate Action Plan.

So, towards what goals are you working?
How many actionable Insights do you have to apply to that goal?
Contact ResourceX to learn more about how we can support you in the creation of this invaluable data.


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