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Veritrove and ResourceX Partner to Revolutionize Sustainability and Budgeting Practices

, | March 28, 2023 | By


[Pittsburgh, PA] Veritrove, the leading sustainability consulting firm, and ResourceX, an innovative priority-based budgeting platform, proudly announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together the expertise of two industry leaders to provide a comprehensive solution that merges data, budgeting, reporting, insights, and sustainability for funding actionable climate outcomes.

A shared commitment to sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) prioritization sectors inspired this collaboration. The two companies have tremendous depth in the municipal, higher education, commercial, and industrial sectors. The partnership will guide these industry leaders on the financial pathways to implement climate action strategies. Veritrove and ResourceX provide the tools to manage financial risks and rewards associated with climate change impacts.

Veritrove provides insights and unlocks value from ESG, sustainability, and responsibility initiatives across organizational value chains, helping companies set, measure, and maximize their ESG and sustainability missions and align with their organizational purpose. Whether an organization is established in carbon accounting or considering a path to net zero for the first time, Veritrove can add value. "We are thrilled to launch this partnership," says Matthew Wheatley, Veritrove CEO. "Sustainability can offer differentiation and create value for organizations, above and beyond just compliance and efficiency savings." 

The ResourceX priority-based budgeting software and platform provide proven resource allocation concepts and tools. These tools enable Climate Budgeting empowering users to explore climate action funding opportunities. Together, the partners share a desire to promote local climate action and make communities and organizations more equitable and prepared for climate change impacts. 

ResourceX supports budget alignment with climate outcomes and identifies opportunities to repurpose resources to fund "unfunded" or underfunded climate initiatives. The ResourceX software, experience, and methodology effectively and efficiently align funds with outcomes, allowing organizations to focus on their success. Erik Fabian, ResourceX's Strategic Partnership Manager, comments, "this joint solution will accelerate data-driven decision-making and budgeting to align organizational resources to sustainability goals and outcomes."

Veritrove and ResourceX bring a combined offering of cutting-edge software tools providing an unparalleled opportunity for strategic insights, innovative budgeting, implementation of sustainable practices, and overall growth. Veritrove and ResourceX offer a full spectrum of climate, sustainability, and ESG-related services, from planning to development to funding effective and scalable climate action solutions.

Contact Veritrove and ResourceX today for a free consultation to learn more about how this partnership can help you and your organization succeed.

Erik Fabian, Strategic Partnerships Manager, ResourceX, efabian@resourcex.net
Matt Artz, Head of Product & UX, Veritrovemartz@veritrove.com

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