Programs are the Vehicle for Change

Programmatic communication is a critical part of the Equity conversation

  • Improve policy discussions
  • Challenge assumptions and ask questions
  • Facilitate decision-making
Vehicle for change_Equity

Local government is a key player in equity transformation

Local government has the power and influence to significantly improve outcomes for citizens through its vast authority and influence on important policies, services, and resources.

Local governments can have a lasting and significant impact on equity creation for all residents of their communities. The budget is one of the most powerful tools for influencing change. However, the budget, as we have always done it, limits conversations and communication. The conversion from a line-item driven budget to a program budget opens communication and decision-making pathways enabling equity opportunities at all service levels.

Priority Based Budgeting

Programs Enable a Pathway to Action

Insight Workshop

Connecting Your Budget Data to Your Community's Narrative


We're Doing Budgeting Differently - Putting the Program First

Elevating Budget Decisions through an Equity Lens

The PBB BluePrint is a framework for evaluating options and alternatives concerning resource allocation decisions and is fundamentally a means to solve a particular challenge or highlight a particular outcome, such as equity. The challenge is that most organizations have new programs and services they wish to launch to create a brighter future for their communities, but they don’t have the people or the money to launch these new services. At the same time, organizations have programs already in service and a wealth of knowledge among the staff for how those programs could be reimagined to better align with an equity result, but nowhere to capture and communicate these ideas and the resources necessary to make them a reality. 

 By utilizing the PBB BluePrint organizations discover solutions to optimize their current resources and explore opportunities to attain new resources to successfully launch the new programs and bolster the programs required to create the best future they can. The PBB Insight tools capture these opportunities and are available at any data creation phase once programs are identified.