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This class creates space for participants to intentionally grow as a leader and foster an organizational culture of innovation and action through training, support, and capstone project development

What to Expect

The PBB Leadership Initiative will equip participants with:

to create positive change within an organization.​

Participants select a bold yet attainable project goal for taking action and applying their organization’s PBB data. Throughout the class, participants will directly implement class knowledge to develop their project and ensure success at the completion of the class. The project goal should be data-driven, relevant and valuable to the whole organization.


The ResourceX team works collaboratively to deliver relevant content designed to expand the leadership knowledge and skills of the participants.  In addition to the concentration on leadership, discussion topics include culture, change management, communicating and presenting, and of course strategically utilizing the ResourceX tools to apply PBB data to the class project. 

  1.  improved data-driven decision-making ability,

  2. communication and leadership skills, and

  3. project management techniques

Meet The Team

Eric Keck

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As a former City Manager of two PBB communities, Eric is a wealth of information about how to effectively implement. With ResourceX, his current purpose is to provide competent leadership that leads to success.

Chris Fabian

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Chris serves as an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for how to take action on PBB data. His session will provide tangible examples for project creation.

Jackie English

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Being a practitioner of leadership skills and theories, Jackie works to create successful client implementation experiences and capitalize on that knowledge for this course.

Gain the Skills

Week 1

Leadership and Self-awareness

  • Leadership styles

  • DiSC personality assessment

  • Capstone project introduction

Week 2

Resource Xploration

  • Data analysis training for capstone project

  • Capstone project ideation

Week 3

Leadership and project Management

  • Leadership behaviors

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Capstone project pitch

Week 4

Resource -xperimentation

  • How to experiment in local government

  • Successful ResourceX client experiments

  • Capstone project development

Week 5

Culture and Communication

  • Fostering a responsive organizational culture

  • Change management for capstone projects

  • Create a Communications Plan

Week 6

Communication and storying

  • ​Effective storytelling techniques

  • Viewing budget data as a story

  • Capstone project discussion

week 7

Capstone project presentations

  • Participants present capstone projects

Application in Action

Fiscal Endurance

Washington County, WI successfully simulated economic recession to train and prepare staff to utilitize ResourceX software to determine priority programs that connect with the County's overall mission while avoiding drastic measures such as layoffs and service level decreases. 

Program Analysis

Littleton, CO guided their organizational through programmatic analysis that resulted in over $70,000 of potential program service level changes. 

departmental integration

The City of Boise, ID created a strategic plan to embed PBB into their organizational culture through conducting a Listening Tour of departments to determine their sentiments about PBB and how to use the tools to best serve their needs. 

Masterful Communication

Benicia, CA laid out a three-part plan to greatly improve their communication efforts to citizens utilizing PBB data. The city will include programmatic data in their community mailing catalog and customize their OpenPBB data site to transparently communicate to constituents. 

Talk of the Town

Washington County Budget Analyst

"Every time I left the call I was inspired to work on my capstone project in order to make my organization and community a better place to live and work.  I thought the presentations were dense, yet tasteful and fun. The quizzes and games kept me interested, yet there was a lot of information to absorb. You drove the main points home - the importance of management and leadership coexisting; storytelling; and leading from anywhere in the organization."

Chloe Ross, 
Boise Strategic Initiatives Manager

"The capstone course was instrumental in the formulation of our overall strategy. Having the chance to connect with other cities facing similar challenges with a fresh perspective was very helpful and the curriculum provided tools to help consider and plan for the change management aspects of scoring and program evaluation."

Join the Fun

Course participation includes​​​

12 Hours of Course Instruction

Capstone Project Review

Access to Leadership Initiative Community

DiSC Assessment and Debrief

Course Materials and Recordings

One - on - One Coaching Opportunities

Course fee:
FREE for active, renewing ResourceX clients
$2,000 for non-renewing participants



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February 12th - March 25th

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