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The Role and Responsibility of Local Government

The reality of local government circumstances includes the responsibility to respond to citizen demand to create and maintain a community that is a great place to live while still addressing the business of government. Leaders must address budget shortfalls, diminished revenues, equity, homelessness, climate change, natural disasters, pandemics and much more.

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PBB Mastery

Identify and pursue the outcomes most important to your organization and community. Priority Based Budgeting aids in that pursuit through the lens of PBB Mastery. The ResourceX team promotes this process by facilitating a Project Charter, identifying and celebrating milestones and continued support of Mastery achievement through data creation and analysis.


PBB accentuates opportunities for resource reallocation and generation to fund a better world. PBB equips practitioners with a budget that represents the organization's values and empowers users to pursue meaningful change and outcomes that impact their community and society at large.

Fuel Resources Towards the Results of Tomorrow

Leverage All of Your Community's Resources

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Jen Carlson


"The process [PBB] was enlightening for a lot of managers and directors because they didn't realize how much time was being spent on programs. This marked the beginning of management starting to look at how things could be done differently and how they wanted people spending their time."




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Acting on Your Data

Be Proactive and Prepared

Striving for organizational excellence should include practices that provide an understanding of necessary resources, priority alignment of services, and entrepreneurial advancement and revenue-generating opportunities. These outcomes come from data confidence and the ability to communicate easily with decision-makers. The recognized best practice of Priority Based Budgeting delivers the data needed to drive the critical conversations that can change your community and society.

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Communication, Accessibility and Accountability


Create the data and apply it in decision-making


Mastery is applying the data in routine decision-making and communication within or outside of the budget process.

Trust, Transparency and Accountability

Driving constructive conversation begins with data you can count on and support. Aligning resources and priorities with the services you provide give confidence and transparency to communicate and make decisions that easily translate from local government organizations to elected officials and the community.

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PBB Mastery - Resources

Resource Reallocation and Maximization


Act on the prioritized

program data


Mastery is divesting resources away from programs and generating new revenue utilizing the PBB BluePrint

Shortfall Solutions 

The circumstances of the budget, made more pronounced as a result of COVID-19, lead to the understanding that data-driven solutions are needed. These solutions must increase your ability to communicate clearly and concisely the realities of your circumstances. They must also drive trust through transparency, communicating where existing resources are currently applied so that decisions can be understood and tied back to the data.

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PBB Mastery - Fueling

Fuel Resources Toward the Results of the Future


Dedicate available resources to big commitments


Mastery is establishing ambitious goals that provide a higher quality of life and drives your organization's resources towards the programs you need to accomplish these goals.

New Programs, Priorities and Projects

The reality is that we live in an ever-changing world, and local governments are challenged to meet those changes to serve their communities best. Taking up that responsibility requires careful and meaningful stewardship of resources to ensure appropriate and efficient usage. It also means rising to the challenge of initiating new services to achieve desired outcomes. To do so with limited resources is an endeavor of innovation, including identifying opportunities for reallocation and new revenue generation.

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PBB Mastery - Leverage

Leverage All of Your Community's Resources


Expand your opportunities


Mastery is partnering with other service providers striving to achieve priorities in alignment with your organization and leveraging their efforts and resources.

Networked Enterprises

The need to share resources and consider entrepreneurial approaches is a shift every local government must recognize and explore. Partnerships can serve a specific objective or search for innovative efficiencies. Siloed departments and organizations are not helping, nor have they ever served, the greater good. Programmatic data provides a shared language to increase innovation, utilize existing expertise, and efficiently offer the highest quality services to your community.

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Prioritizing Your Values

by Jennifer Carlson and Kimberly Olivares 

demonstrates a Mastery of the Methodology from a PBB Super User


"In times of fiscal stress, it's even more important for governments to communicate their priorities and values to improve budget transparency, demonstrate fairness, and help justify decisions."

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